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  1. Why did we get 100 wins on each of the pvp areas? Now for literally nothing? It was freaking hard and time-killing for us to get these wins, then you make them into 10 wins? Why? Atleast Do it for whirlwind, not belluga, since belluga is newer, but no, you decide, "Let's make the reqs lower, so people spend more money on F10" Not enough people buying your stupid galaxy fragments and ascendance stones on f10? What about us with 100 wins? 0 Advantage over the people with 10 mins if they have money on their credit cards???????????????? What's going on NCSoft? There a
  2. Really NCSoft? You thought about making money from us for 20 hours through the honeymoon store and 4 hours before you take it off from the store, you decide to change an announcement?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you guys think that you made a mistake on the exchange rate, YOU should suffer the consequences, not us, especially not after you sell radiant energies, for 20 hours on the hongmoon store , and 4 hours before before the store updates, you decide to tell us that you lied to us? And that we will lose money????????
  3. I asked the community to up vote me if they think they should be nerfed, the thread received an overwhelming response, as of now, 138 upvotes. Everyone is sick of them in arena, and patch after patch you keep ignoring the community, Every other game tries to address overpowered classes, it seems like blade and soul is taking it's time in doing so, please solve this. Source : https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/73ryfw/upvote_me_if_you_think_blade_dancers_should_be/
  4. Are you having trouble understanding that blade dancers are one of the only classes that has skills like grab, and that rush skill with 0 animation? I'm no "Wizard" , i can't correctly use my 30 second cd 1 second active iframe to avoid their animation-less skills.
  5. You're a bd, your post is not appreciated, bias, ty.
  6. There's a reason why i lose 100s of points to bds daily, and not others. It's impossible to counter that "Rush skill" , too quick, you have to predict, fine, it was designed to target people with iqs of 300 Same goes for grab, 6 second immunity, infitnite immunity during spin The class is broken, everyone says it, everyone knows it, you want us not to "Cry" then freaking admit that your class is overpowered, and needs nerfing, they're not even top 5 played classes in pve, but somehow have the second spot for most gold?
  7. How to reach the devs to nerf these guys?
  8. Eh no, but if this was a thread about forcemasters, i would post saying they dont need to be nerfed, even tho im not a fm
  9. Guys seriously, if you're blade dancers, just don't post here, it's not fair, this event, every blade dancer, hm 0, magically " plays well " ? Every class has some thing op... but blade dancers are on a whole new level, this class needs to be nerfed.
  10. I don't understand what mods are thinking, The entire game population that aren't blade dancers are complaining of the fact that they are way too unbalanced. It's not even about losing too often to them(while that's the case) , Kfms or sins that know how to play their class are much more stronger than bds, but they need to know how to play their classes, with blade dancers everyone that plays it will be strong Infinite spin w/ deflect Heal Resist 6 seconds short cd grab from a far distance Insane burst more stuns and knockups then any other clas
  11. Destroyers are one of the least pve dps-ers, I have never seen a destroyer get top 5 in any dkv/ BT / , or top 2-3 in Ns/IF . Awakened wrath was one of the few things that kind of helped a shadow destroyer do some dps in PvE, Awakened Galeforce is slow and has a boring cd. Go back to earth?
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