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Premium Dash feedback

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Unless the end-reward is good (which is kinda rare), "Advanced to Start" when you land on a premium spot often feel like a punishment. Tiles around the start often has unattractive rewards, or when you roll one right before those juicy rewards at the end.


If you want an instant end-reward collection, "Complete One Round" is already more than enough. No need to have two of the same thing on dash, when one is clearly better than another.


I suggest to change "Advance to Start" into "Return to to the last position". This will make you return to the last position, allow you to have one more chance to run on a better (or worse) premium spot.


Also, the "Double the Loot" is kinda stupid: Most of reward is premium spots are very bad. Whenever you win 3 or 6 Petal of Flower of Laments are not a matter, cuz they are both suck. 


Either improve rewards to those premium spot to make "Double the Loot" worthwhile, or I suggest to change it into "Collect everything along the way". This works similarly to the one-time Daily Dash where you roll for the end-reward outfits last year: You will collect everything between your last position and the premium spot you land on. There are, however, chances that you get nothing from it, if your last position is next to the premium spot.


Or, if those suggestions above are too far stretch, then at least give players a confirmation windows whenever they want the benefit or not, instead of just forcing the reward on them. Except for Surprise Gift, since I believe no one refuse these.

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I couldn't agree more with you. I get "Advance to Start" almost 90% of the time and punishment is the exact same word I would use for it. 
After that it takes days until I get back to the point I was before, simply because I always roll ONE after ONE after ONE in the beginning and somehow manage to skip almost every premium spot.
I'm not saying I want to get on surprise prizes every single day (even though that would be awesome hahah), but why do we need "Advance to Start" when we already have "Complete One Round" ?

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I've been pretty fortunate with the Super Premium Daily Dash. I've gotten Surprise Prize more often than the other Premium selections (which rewards you with a Sparkling Venture Token). I've also been fortunate with the slots lands - I've gotten 2 x Hongmoon Brilliant Silverfrost Key, 5 x Expired Flawless Sparkling Hongmoon Hexagonal Sapphire and I've landed several times on the Venture Token, Legendary Gem Hammers and Dragon Pouch slots.


Overall this Super Premium Daily Dash has been very worthwhile for me - got myself quite a bit of Hongmoon Coins. I am very glad and grateful that we had this Daily Dash - thank you NCSoft West. I will miss you increased spins and 20min spin cooldown.


Anyway, I agree with the "Advanced to Start", it is the poor mans version of the "Complete One Round". It would only really be beneficial if significant rewards were placed at the start of the board opposed to the end. As things are, the "Advanced to Start" feels like a penalty for angering the RNG Gods and that shouldn't be the case when you are helping support the game with money you work hard to earn. If NCSoft West doesn't want to change the Premium slot selections, they should really place more significant rewards at the beginning of the board so that those who get "Advanced to Start" can have a chance at getting those rewards without needing to go around the board.

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