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  1. This reminds me of the Radiant Energy issue in the past. If I knew my frozen orbs would be useless come the patch, I would have used them on my characters to buy the outfit on sale. What a shame that I can't do that anymore. I also have a bunch of those other items that are useless now. Why must old content rewards that were EARNED in the past be useless now? I honestly feel like the effort I put into this game now will eventually be invalidated by a change in the future and such a reality just dampens my enthusiasm to continue playing this game and supporting it...
  2. I'm sorry =(. https://12dimension.files.wordpress.com/2018/11/screenshot_181127_001-e1543320164908.jpg A more convenient system to receive and use the XP charms would definitely be appreciate. Mass transmuting them into higher grade XP charms would also be an amazing addition.
  3. There are plenty of other Hongmoon Store costumes they could have added to the store. It may not be Halloween related to include other costumes but the Graveheart costume would represent the Halloween spirit. It would also make more sense if they added the returning event costumes to the event store to purchase with event currency. Although I can't say I'm surprised they added returning event costumes to the Hongmoon Store - Businesses exist to make money, but sadly this will leave a bitter taste in many players mouths.
  4. I'd be up for one of the three Zaiwei quest to be a daily challenge quest during the Halloween event. It would help players want to participate in this upcoming event.
  5. Have you logged in on your NCSoft account and applied the code? For those who registered, the code should be there ready to be applied.
  6. Others besides those who didn't get their soul are complaining about the event. I got a soul for my character from this event and I am complaining about the structure of the event because I can recognize that NCSoft West could have handled it much much better. Most people aren't complaining they didn't get a "free" soul but with the structure of the event and how your effort in earning the Pristine Oils evaporates with each failed soul conversion. Why didn't make NCsoft West make it a flat event currency cost? That way if players found themselves unable to get the soul because they
  7. I honestly thought NCSoft West learned from the Corallite event way back 2 years ago but it seems the displeasure and anger generated from that RNG-focused event was forgotten. That Corallite event was one of the worst if not the worst event of Blade and Soul. Sadly, the RNG mechanics has shown itself once again in events and expectantly, the general player base aren't completely pleased with it. I will echo what others have stated before, why was the event not left at just material cost? Why introduce the element of RNG that NCSoft West knew players wouldn't be overly excited for?
  8. Those balls of lag are dipped in the fires of the unforgiving and battered by the hands of trolls. It sucks. It deeply sucks. It makes the dungeon suck. It makes it terribly suck. If not for the current event currency, I would not submit myself to such tediousness.
  9. Yeah, I'm getting the same error. So much for the payment services being back online...
  10. The longer the game lives, the bigger the divide gets in 6 VS 6 and the less your average player wants to participate in something so devoid of fun.
  11. For an event where the final reward is the "true heart", its pretty damn heartless the path NCSoft West placed us on to "earn" it. Really, there is no fun to be had in what they have forced us to do to "acquire" the currency necessary to attain True Heart. The closer I get to the True Heart, the sicker I feel for letting myself be enchanted by a new cosmetic and my belief in NCSoft West. I really want to believe in NCSoft West but when they release such events void of any deeper thinking behind what the actual player will feel, it becomes hard to not be frustrated in th
  12. I don't believe it is worth the current effort and anguish especially when easier to get Spirit/Heart items will be available (for less effort) in future patches. I've already been burned before by NCSoft West's "fun" events and now I make sure to only limit myself to aspects of events that are actually fun and void of elements that would cause one to be ensnared in negativity. It is a shame NCSoft West placed such a cool cosmetic item behind such a wall of frustration as it sours the Valentines event but they made their choice and I don't feel it is worth my time and e
  13. Grief and Soul 2018. You know its going to happen.
  14. And here I was excited to give this dungeon a try. Guess I won't waste the effort and time as it seems to evoke the same despairing and negative feelings as the corallite event. What's the point of putting effort into an in-game event if the majority of those it was meant to be fun for finds it annoying, tedious, enraging and downright depressing? Certainly events are meant to inspire the players to want to play more and not feel their time was wasted. Hopefully NCSOFT West takes note for future events.
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