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  1. People complaining about things they think are wrong is actually a good thing, they care enough as to fight for it. They're involved, invested themselves into the game, like it and want to have a better experience. The moment the complaints stop it's when they should worry. And yeah, I agree with the OP, this Christmas has been kind of... underwhelming. To the point that instead of here I spent it playing something else. Hopefully, they'll give some life to the game this month during the anniversary event. Fingers crossed!
  2. I think this is because of your graphic settings and the fact that in the wardrobe the display quality is way lower than in OW. That haircolor must be that one that's a gradient that goes from yellow (lights) to blue (shades), so the lighting is messing it up. I have a Lyn with that haircolor as well and whenever I change the lighting quality my chara's haircolor turns into that blinding thing. There's also some hairstyles that are "shinier" than others so the lighting color is the one that's seen the most. Sorry I can't explain it better with my poor engrish. I can
  3. NC should change the ranking system so smurfs get penalized or matched against each other, since it is one of the reasons the arena died. I remember long time ago when people actually bothered playing pvp, it was fun. You'd get matched against people of your own skill. Your wins and loses actually felt fair and you could learn from them. But now... last time I played arena I regreted it so much, I got tilted into oblivion. The same guys over and over again... just smurfs, no new players. These players are scaring everyone new from joining the game, pretty sure of it.
  4. This is exactly my case, word by word. Everytime I open a window, eg the inventory, I see the cursor flashing and changing from the normal arrow to the loading wheel all the time. Also checked drivers and asked some friends if they have had issues with their last GPU drivers or something just to make sure. I'm having absolutely no issues at all in other games, my PC is not a potato, it is a gaming PC that I builded myself and my CPU is actually one of the best parts of it.
  5. Quoting some EU proverbs, "Greed broke the sack" and "Big mouthfuls often choke". Whales asked NC to remove the minimun rate so they could lower it as much as they wanted. Personally, I haven't even opened the F9 window nor have browsed F10 since then and had no idea this was happening. But tbh with you, I'm kinda glad to know that most people is not willing to underprice their gold AKA their time. It should have never dropped below 4 and the ideal rate imo would be 10.
  6. Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god, please NC bring this to the west as soon as possible!! I love eeet!! Oh, how many times I thought that an outfit would be perfect with another colors. We need this feature badly! RIP all my gold but oh, why do I want gold if not for this? Dayum, am I not excited!
  7. Kind of shiet that we can't play today, but at least they informed us this time, appreciate that. Last time they just left us in the dark, acting as if everything were completely normal. That was the most infuriating part, in fact I got awfully mad, so thanks for telling us what's going on.
  8. So what? If they don't play is not because NCSoft is offering them a bad nor a discontinuation of their service. NA people has the service accesible anytime during the day, unlike EU. We want equal treatment as we are no less important than you guys are. This is insulting.
  9. I no longer care about this. No matter what you change, I'm not gonna subscribe if you don't change EU maintenance times. Not a single one of my euros are going to support your service as I am extremely unhappy with what you're offering me and the way you're treating me as a customer.
  10. 8.5h maint for EU, starting at 1pm. Great. Treating half their customers like trash... This is all I'm taking, not gonna spend a single one of my dirty euros on this game. Sell this game to Blizzard, incompetent liar NCSoft. Good thing I have plenty of time to tell you how I feel about this. It's raining outside and we EU players still have 5h of maintenance ahead of us.
  11. Haha lo sé, cuando vi "traducido a más idiomas" pensé que por fin podría traer amigos al juego y cuando vi que solo pusieron "Portugués"... vanPepe. El 2º o 3º idioma más hablado del mundo y nada, aquí estamos como plebes, lol. A mí no me importa demasiado porque hablo inglés, pero sí me importa que no pueda jugar con mis amigos solo por el idioma :v No puedo andar traduciéndoles todo todo el rato, al final soy yo la que no puede jugar XD Ya me tocó con el Lineage2, no paso por ese infierno otra vez ni de broma. Aunque no me importaría si buscaran voluntarios
  12. I'm quite excited actually, along with this dash, things are looking nice :D I have a question about the daily dash, though. Does this mean that we will get the hair everytime we complete a round? Sorry for the dumb question, English is not my main language and I'm not sure I understood it correctly. I'm quite tempted to get a sub.
  13. If they fixed fem Gon and Yun iddle poses more people would play them. It makes their body look worse and broken. For the Gon is the upper part mostly, with their left arm dislocated and even clipping into their ribcage. Then that same hand on the hip, with some clothes it looks like it's floating, with others it clips. And also, the super exaggerated bent back, making it look like it's almost broken. When you're looking at them from the back, she looks like she has a giant butt, lol. The Yun problem is... the whole thing. First, their arms clip a bit int
  14. Yup, totally real. It doesn't help at all when you're bad with names and you mostly remember people by their pics, it feels like you're talking all the time to the same person, lol.
  15. Ooh, I remember you could transform into that monster, it was one of my favourite transformations. That skeleton hanging from her neck on her back tho, lol. Wouldn't it be cooler if we could be a creepy chi infused doll like that instead of being our summon?
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