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  1. Yep, it started happening to me too. Massive freezes (around 10 seconds) before I begin fighting a boss, followed by some mini freezes during the fight. If I am lucky, the game resumes, if not, I get a crash. I also get random freezes or crashes if I simply open a store, open the upgrade path, wardrobe, inventory, dragon express etc. Worst part about the whole issue is that this happens around 5 times in an hour. Usually I would not be too bothered by it, but this combined with the game's ridiculous amount of loading screens, plus me crashing at the end or middle of every dungeon, is beginning to get REALLY frustrating. I kinda doubt anyone of support cares about this, so I have not even bothered with them. This game just seems to react differenly (and often very horribly) to different machines. And if you have a good/newer computer, chances are the game will run poorly or not at all. Once I get bored of the gunner class, I will most likely just move to another MMO.
  2. Show Off your Gunner Preset

    bf and I made twins * - * ♥
  3. Dead Reckoning Set...

    Given the fact that NC always releases recolors of EVERYTHING, I wonder why people are even surprised. Personally, I am happy for the people, who always wanted the Quick Draw but were unable to obtain it for one reason or another. Plus the Dead Reckoning has this nice prairie look to it, so it's not nearly as bad, as people make it out to be. And I am certain that if, let's say, the two costumes were to switch places (Reckoning being the Founder version & Quick Draw as recolor) people would be insulting the Quick Draw just as much. It's unfortunate that people have to be so borderline elitist, even with costumes. Simply enjoy your costumes, wear them for the beauty of them, not because you want everybody else to be burning with jealously, because you have something, that they have no way of obtaining anymore.
  4. I don't see why people obsess with "exclusive" costumes either. When I get a costume, I am not getting it because I don't want anybody else to have it, that would be selfish of me. I am getting it, because I love how it looks on my character and want to wear it. And if more people can get it and be happy about it, then all the better.
  5. @Walex Well of course not c: But I am still happy to have those, I have other ways to make money in game so I'm good. There is no need to be so bitter about it, this was a change that was bound to happen eventually, we just got it a bit sooner (yay!)
  6. I'm overjoyed to see that it will be gone hahah. And now I might finally be able to get some crafting guild uniforms!
  7. Costume Prices

    There are people like me who play the game mainly to collect outfits. I was looking forward to the Carnival outfit, as well as the Soha one, but the prices of those two, completely put me off. There is no way I would spend 1700 (or whatever the price was) Ncoin on a ONE piece NPC outfit with outdated textures. The Carnival outfit is waaay too overpriced, 2000 coins for just one costume is plain ridiculous. As if it's not enough that we must pay for the wardrobe AND pay for sending outfits over to alts, which is pretty obnoxious. Every other game I have played had a free wardrobe, in some you could freely send costumes over, having to pay just some gold, in some you could even TRADE outfits! Wow, amazing, right?! Other companies even do occasional sales on their cash shop currencies, or at least upon buying higher amounts, you receive a small bonus of said currency - something I have never seen in this game. Or some even do sales on specific items for a while. And since I have already wasted more than this company deserves, I decided I will do myself a favor and not buy any more overpriced outfits. And don't tell me "that's what they must do to make a living". There's plenty of other ways they squeeze money out of their player base, that we're all aware of.
  8. Summer Kitty Outfits

    Yes, I agree. I think they could have kept the summer outfits for a little longer. I didn't have the ones from last year too, so I had to buy so many at once in such a short time frame.
  9. Quartz. Do something. Please.

    So the moderators are asking us to contact support (as if we haven't done that already). And when I spoke with support, they told me to voice my concerns on the forums, for the devs to see. So much back and forth there... It would be nice if they look into some of the suggestions, even though I hardly doubt changes will be made.
  10. Summer Kitty Outfits

    So, it is almost the end of the summer and I still haven't seen the summer outfits for the familiars from last year in the Hongmoon Store. There is around 5 outfits, if I am not mistaken, and since I (as well some other people) started playing after they were released, I was unable to get any of them. Would really appreciate if they are added to the store again. Especially the Sailor Kitty and Duckie Cat, they are so cute!
  11. Quartz. Do something. Please.

    Yes, this really turned into an issue quickly in the past few days. The image below is from yesterday, around 10-12 people showed up in the same rich quartz location. Some were even pulling up the nearest monster, so it would interupt people from taking the quartz. I told them all to smile, but they all look so grumpy >:C On a serious note, I spoke with support about this whole thing and they simply told me to farm in different locations (small quartz areas) and that they understand how frustrating this is. I think they should actually try playing the game to fully understant how frustrating it is. It took me around 4 hours to obtain 6 pieces of quartz the other day, hopping from one area to another. I honestly think it would be much better if the rich pieces spawned in random locations all across Silverfrost, instead of a set location. Or implementing the new crafting system would be good... And yes, I know I can just buy the materials from the market. And no, I do not wish to do so. Some people prefer gathering their own and not giving their money away to bots and macro users.
  12. Golden Flower - Copied?

    I can't believe people are making such a big fuss over this outfit design. I have seen outfits in this game that look almost the same as some in Tera. I have seen designs in Revelation that look almost the same as some in B&S. Not to mention there are designs, such as the Summertime Action Hero, that have been used in numerous games. The Dragonfall costume looks like something heavily influenced by Dragon Ball. The Great General outfit has plenty of details that are also present in the outfit of Lu Bu from Dynasty Warriors etc. Also the Blackmoon design looks like a slightly altered Maritime Patrol costume (the hat looks almost exactly the same) with a Poharan hairdo for the females. Yet nobody says anything about that. My point here is - everything is referenced and on many occassions it is simply TAKEN and only slightly altered by big companies. There is no need to get overly aggressive, simply because the artist took inspiration from various sources and combined them into one. It is not a rip-off, the artist used their own artstyle, their own approach on it. They did not trace over the lines or used another person's drawing. They did a good job, it's a beautiful design and judging by the number of votes on it, I'm not the only one who thinks that.
  13. Post Your 2017 Swimsuit Screens!

    Here's mine :3
  14. Premium Dash feedback

    I couldn't agree more with you. I get "Advance to Start" almost 90% of the time and punishment is the exact same word I would use for it. After that it takes days until I get back to the point I was before, simply because I always roll ONE after ONE after ONE in the beginning and somehow manage to skip almost every premium spot. I'm not saying I want to get on surprise prizes every single day (even though that would be awesome hahah), but why do we need "Advance to Start" when we already have "Complete One Round" ?
  15. 20FPS on GTX860M ?

    @Priscellica I don't mean to sound grim or anything but I am still using Win7 on my laptop and the issue remains :c Maybe it's still worth a shot to just re-install everything, I really hope it works for you if you decide to do so.