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As you may have noticed with a recent update, the previous nProtect anti-cheating/hacking software we used has been replaced by XIGNCODE3. As with any new feature we’re constantly collecting feedback, any reported issues, and working to address them as quickly as possible.


If you've experienced any issues with running or playing the game since the update, we ask that you visit the report thread and fill out the template we’ve created to collect more information. In addition, we do still want you to contact our Customer Support team so we can track your issue and work with you to try to find potential issues we can work to resolve on our end.


For those of you following along closely you may have been aware we were looking into alternate solutions to detect uses of cheats and hacks, and XIGNCODE3 is that solution. We take cheating in our games very seriously, and thoroughly tested and vetted XIGNCODE3 before implementing it.


Nevertheless, we've seen some concerns over what it is and what it does. There’s a lot about how it works that we won’t disclose as it’ll provide an insight for cheaters/hackers into our processes, but we can say is that it is run as a service at game launch and while playing (no software is installed), it does not collect any personally identifiable information we don’t already have from when you registered your NC account, it does not continue to run after the game is closed, and its only purpose (much like nProtect before it) is to monitor the Blade & Soul game client and any hacks or cheats that are attempting to be used with it.


We’re looking forward to continuing to refine our methods of detection, and your help and assistance to ensure Blade & Soul is a game that supports a spirit of fair play.

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Thanks, but I still am not going to play this game with "XingCode" on my system, I understand the need for an Anti-Cheat, and I hate cheaters just as much as everyone.


But both XingCode, and Game Guard, do not respect privacy I know because I've seen XingCode used in a number of Korean Titles as well, and on Android devices, it doesn't ask permission before it installs, and its a 3rd party program which installs a file in C:\windows directories called "Xhunter" and Service on the users computer which stays there even after "Blade & Soul" or the specified game running it is removed from the system.


Also for those not aware I found XingCode installed along with Nexon Titles on my android phone, it completely modified my android phones files, caused the device to fail to the point where I had to replace the SD card, restore a backup, and lost all data. It was also against Googles Policy, for these apps to be on the Google Play store as they did not properly inform the customer and are not safe as they don't respect privacy.


Basically here is what happens, when a game is launched "XingCode" does not ask consent to install it installs with the game and is a 3rd party service.


The service installs under services.msc, on a windows computer

The Files are copied to C:\windows directories called Xhunter


When Uninstalling Blade & Soul or other games using it this product remains on the users computer with no method of basic removal for users who don't know a lot.


I am fine with Anti-Cheats I really am.


But its important to use an Anti-Cheat that respects privacy.


Battleye User Agreement and asks consent before installing.


Easy Anti Cheat User Agreementt


So please show me where the agreement is for XingCode, or even where it asks consent to install in the first place.



edit: And off topic, I know what the community manager says here they won't disclose any information about how it works, and all that, but I know how it works, and I know both Game Guard & XingCode work, as well as how easy it is to bypass them I won't help the cheaters though but info can be found on Google.


It also does install a system service, and files in C:\windows directories (WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION). Basic users won't notice this.


Also for more info about how XingCode works, I had a huge argument on steam about Black Desert using it and they posted this here everyone can go and read how it works.


Xigncode Community Address


Xigncode Developer Q&A


Although some people may trust their word on what they say *I don't* just the fact it installs without consent, or permission in the first place is enough to drive me nuts.


And the second fact it communicates with their server, and its made in Korea, who knows what data its really sending, collecting, and you can't tell them to remove all your data supposedly its information that is harmless and just detects hacks, but as it didn't ask consent to install in the first place (Who would trust it?)


Again I got no problem with Anti-Cheats, just respect peoples privacy, be truthful about the basic workings of it, and I got no problem, but Lies really upset me in general.

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If you want to gain my trust and faith with XingCode 3, contact the developers of XingCode, and meet the following.


1.) Display the user agreement for XingCode, and allow users to decline it or accept before it installs onto a users system this would display when launching the game.


2.) Provide users (Full removal instructions) on the XingCode website with a help and how to fully uninstall XingCode from your system, not all users know how to edit a registry, or brows C:\windows without messing up their computers I know how to manually remove this shit, but it would go a long ways to getting permission first, and then if a user later wants to remove it removing it completely and removing the game or product with no hassle.


3.)  Both Battleye & Easy AntiCheat, show their EULA / Agreement every time a user installs any game that requires it they are required to ask permission and infrom the user, both Anti-Cheat sites also inform the user how to remove it completely but won't be able to play the game until its installed again.


I know Korea has different laws, but here in the U.S we respect privacy, which means no ninja downloading stuff on users systems without asking, and for all I know as a gamer XingCode could be used to do malicious attacks, or even be used to DDOS other people, or other crimes if a user wanted given it has a self update feature, and such. Although I believe the intention is just to prevent cheaters, not no (CIA) government stuff going on, I think its still best to get consent first from each user who plays any game.


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