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  1. I don't like talking down to developers, or a company, but from a returning players experience I feel this game is still really "T**sh" Don't get me wrong the story is great, whomever did the story, and the artwork is awesome, the music isn't bad either. But the issue with this game... - Community is toxic / elitist as hell - This could be because I think people make alts to run dungeons for dailys on and swap off so they just want to do as fast as possible. - Make dungeon runs unlimited, give more options to premium members, its annoying h
  2. Yeah it's not just Blade & Sound Master X Master was doing the same thing it's something with NCsoft games but I previously played both for a short time with the exact same system think last year now and the games both played okay. Nope I am not willing to make changes to my system which affect performance by removing these drivers from what I have read it slows down your data transfer speeds and stuff between multiple drives, and I am running 8TB Internal Drive Array + External Drives, and I don't feel like having slow data transfers because NCsoft titles choose to disable the
  3. If you want to gain my trust and faith with XingCode 3, contact the developers of XingCode, and meet the following. 1.) Display the user agreement for XingCode, and allow users to decline it or accept before it installs onto a users system this would display when launching the game. 2.) Provide users (Full removal instructions) on the XingCode website with a help and how to fully uninstall XingCode from your system, not all users know how to edit a registry, or brows C:\windows without messing up their computers I know how to manually remove this shit, but it would go a
  4. Thanks, but I still am not going to play this game with "XingCode" on my system, I understand the need for an Anti-Cheat, and I hate cheaters just as much as everyone. But both XingCode, and Game Guard, do not respect privacy I know because I've seen XingCode used in a number of Korean Titles as well, and on Android devices, it doesn't ask permission before it installs, and its a 3rd party program which installs a file in C:\windows directories called "Xhunter" and Service on the users computer which stays there even after "Blade & Soul" or the specified game running it is remo
  5. To play Secrets of the stratus Secrets of the Stratus, is "Game Guard" still in this patch, or has it finally been removed yet? http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/producers-letter-march-2017/ Says they were looking into alternatives but I am not sure if its been removed this patch or will they even announce it?
  6. Well with windows 10 they actually have a long "EULA" which you can read with all the information, with "Blade & Soul" you read the EULA or Terms OF Service and it doesn't mention anything about Game Guard unless its been recently changed to but I don't believe it has... Also you can turn off windows 10 spy features, although given the NSA is watching people through peoples Smart TV's, Cell Phones, and devices connected through Net Works, I wouldn't say there is any real way to prevent spying from them although I can prevent spying from some 3rd party Korean company, or
  7. Honestly I don't see them ever changing, they should just "Remove Game Guard" all together because it does nothing for starters I could cheat any game and bypass them easily just like all the spammers, but my problem with Korean games is they don't follow U.S Laws by asking consent before downloading Anti-Cheats, Nexon also does this on Android, and I am trying to get their games removed from the Play Store, for Violation of Googles Developer policy they have to legally disclose this to people based off their policy but they don't and actually damaged my device. Both Xing Code, and
  8. Ah kewl thanks skipping over this game once again then, sadly WildStar was a failure too...
  9. It's been months thinking about downloading because they sent me an email with new expansion I quit when they activated Game Guard after first playing... Does the game still use it, I don't want Game Guard spyware on my system and downloading additional files to my system.
  10. NcSoft IMO doesn't really care about player feed-back, nor do they listen, I can confirm that with Game-Guard removed the game does play better, and I will never play any game on the market that requires game-guard until changes are made to the program and confirmed by me its just too much of a security risk despite Anti-Virus companies who white list the Root-Kit. For example I was looking at this https://www.easyanticheat.net/ I installed another game called the culling which required me to install this along with it, but it was respectful about it and told me why it was installi
  11. Stamps isn't the problem... The problem is that if I purchase costumes from the shop I want my Wardrobe which I am paying $16.95 a month for a premium membership to be able to be accessed with those costumes across all characters without having to use stamps which makes no sense and is simply a way to get more money.
  12. Guess the topic I created a bit ago was removed because its similar to this topic. Can someone please explain to me what the point is of "Stamps" Why do I need them to change costumes between characters on my same account? If I am already a premium user, I should be able to just go to my wardrobe storage and pull out costumes on whatever character I want, as well as have like 5 pairs of the same costume in my storage would be the easiest way to fix this issue. I shouldn't have to spend $20 for 5 costumes on multiple characters, just because I choose to play
  13. Even with Game Guard now being disabled/removed there is a serious question... I still find that playing Alternate Characters, or Classes has no point in this game because "Costumes" are not unlocked account wide, Premium Members who pay a monthly fee to have costumes stuck in the wardrobe should be able to store duplicates of the same costume inside the wardrobe storage, and be able to pull it out on other characters on the same account for use. (Would be the easiest way to do this.) And if not just make it like Guild Wars 2 where a user can use the same cosmetic costu
  14. Yep I am done with Blade & Soul, Truth is I got a reply from one of the developers of "Black Desert" & XingCode3 is no longer being as malicious as it was in the past installing crap to C:\windows directories like game-guard and stops when I close the game so I am going over there to play it for awhile and see if I like the game compared to B&S Since I have been unable to play here over a week, and lost like 1-2 weeks subscription time + NC Coin purchases because of being unable to play because of Game Guard. Well Enjoy The bots... Will check back here later if the game
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