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  1. Agreed the outfit system is garbage needs to be re-done and made account wide like newer games... One would think with UE4 update they would actually make the game more Fun 2 Play not Pay 2 Enjoy.
  2. I did a reinstall it installs the old version I guess?
  3. ^ Title the game has been saying this since UE4 update? Did re-install same thing?
  4. It's broken !!! Nc Launcher 2 Games undergoing maintenance.
  5. I don't like talking down to developers, or a company, but from a returning players experience I feel this game is still really "T**sh" Don't get me wrong the story is great, whomever did the story, and the artwork is awesome, the music isn't bad either. But the issue with this game... - Community is toxic / elitist as hell - This could be because I think people make alts to run dungeons for dailys on and swap off so they just want to do as fast as possible. - Make dungeon runs unlimited, give more options to premium members, its annoying h
  6. Yeah it's not just Blade & Sound Master X Master was doing the same thing it's something with NCsoft games but I previously played both for a short time with the exact same system think last year now and the games both played okay. Nope I am not willing to make changes to my system which affect performance by removing these drivers from what I have read it slows down your data transfer speeds and stuff between multiple drives, and I am running 8TB Internal Drive Array + External Drives, and I don't feel like having slow data transfers because NCsoft titles choose to disable the
  7. If you want to gain my trust and faith with XingCode 3, contact the developers of XingCode, and meet the following. 1.) Display the user agreement for XingCode, and allow users to decline it or accept before it installs onto a users system this would display when launching the game. 2.) Provide users (Full removal instructions) on the XingCode website with a help and how to fully uninstall XingCode from your system, not all users know how to edit a registry, or brows C:\windows without messing up their computers I know how to manually remove this shit, but it would go a
  8. Thanks, but I still am not going to play this game with "XingCode" on my system, I understand the need for an Anti-Cheat, and I hate cheaters just as much as everyone. But both XingCode, and Game Guard, do not respect privacy I know because I've seen XingCode used in a number of Korean Titles as well, and on Android devices, it doesn't ask permission before it installs, and its a 3rd party program which installs a file in C:\windows directories called "Xhunter" and Service on the users computer which stays there even after "Blade & Soul" or the specified game running it is remo
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