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  1. Dropped on the 233rd run. Smh perhaps it’s time to maybe increase the rate to the same as the outfit so people don’t have to do this ridiculous farm.
  2. Someone mentioned that it was in the vendor at one point. Why on earth would they put it for sale for tokens only to remove it. This game is run so weird man.
  3. Sounds good. Looks like my rng is just terrible. Keep plugging away I guess.
  4. That doesn’t appear the case. Only thing I can spend my 3000 warrior tokens on is some sort of scale.
  5. I just wanna verify this does still exist right? Like it’s obtainable and in game? I’m not wasting my time being 200+ runs in?
  6. Will do unspeakable things with my CC for Junghados sword and the event that you can get Shadow Shinobi from.
  7. I would be in favor but it’s probably a licensing nightmare and will probably never happen. That being said some of the English male characters sound like they’re played by Nails actor from tfs and and it always makes me laugh abit.
  8. Example: game just had an update Hongmoon store cosmetic tab remains unchanged.
  9. So I checked my account and it shows that I’m receiving news letters from all of nc’s games? Does that mean I’m signed up and should be seeing this bundle at some point?
  10. You’re not quite picking up what I’m putting down. All be it that’s a valid point but not quite what I was trying to say. From what I can see the rotation is and has been awful. More or less what they’ve have done with their own practices is forced them selves to retire a bunch of stuff so as not to hurt the people who’s wallets they assaulted. Having some items here and there be retired is fine, perfectly fine but as someone else in the thread mentioned they’ve been waiting 3 years for one piece and that is so insanely messed up. And if the only way they can possibly bring some of these thing
  11. Why go through the effort and development cost only to have what I would have to guesstimate atleast 50% or more of the outfits and weapon camos in game be completely unattainable at any given time? I get there are certain outfits you dangle in front of players for large sums of money to get the exclusivity. But it seems from an outsiders perspective that that has happened way to much. And we have now handcuffed ourselves into never seeing a more than decent amount of really cool pieces ever again just due to a greedy predatory decision. tl;dr I don’t know. It all j
  12. Honestly the worst thing about the english is the enemies constantly yelling "DEFENDED" "IT'S NOT WORKING!" "NOW YOU DIEEEE"
  13. Instanced based would be the only way for this to work. But like stated before if the eastern versions don't have it, no way we're getting it.
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