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Advice on Upgrading Gear in Moonwater

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Hi guys, I'm a casual player, Lvl 50 HM5, prone to solo since I don't like to bother highbies. I've been to the Silverlands and done a bunch of Campaign Quests already, but I've decided to return back to moonwater in order to upgrade gear and enjoy game content in moonwater until I finish the upgrades. As for gear, I'm currently using:


Ivorymoon Razor; True Siren for Ring, Earring and Necklace; Endless Tower Soulshield; Ivorymoon Bracelet (non-upgradable i think) and Updraft Belt (non-upgradable as well);


So, I'm looking to finish my upgrades on Moonwater so I can move on to Silverfrost and start dealing with more demaning dungeons. 

I've read upgradable Bracelet and Belt are to be farm on Moonwater. at least I've read about it in some Topics (that might be outdated) I've only started playing on 2017 and many of the posts and shared information here on forums are from 2016, so I don't know if they are still valid giving there have been at least 2 major updates recently. 

After reading some posts about the Bracelet and Belt, I was under the impression that their stats may vary? How does that work? For bracelet I read something about chosing from Crit or AP? Are there more versions of this item, are all obtainable from Poharan's? How can I know if mine has the best stats possible?

And for the Belt are there other versions of the Belt? I ask this because, in the one I got, I can't see the mention of Unfazed effect, should it be written? or there are also other versions of the Belt? or I should evolve my belt to get it? Or is this information outdated?

Since I'm bothering you guys with questions, let me ask you about Souls, Pets and Badges. 

I've read about getting Moonwater Soul in Naryu Labyrinth, but what about the stats, will there be multiple versions of this item? with different stats? What should I look for? 

I still know very little about Pets and Badges, I've read some stuff about it, but I'm affraid they can be outdated, since they are from 2016, so if you guys can give me some information, I'll gladly take it :)


Thank you guys in advanced, have fun!

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The stats on the belt and bracelet aren't going to vary.  You will get your belt from Blackram Supply Chain either through a drop or by trading in 20 Siren Emblems at one of the NPCS outside of the 24 man version.  A long time ago NCSoft removed the "unfazed" and all that mumble jumble stuff from the belts last year.  So now you don't have to have a certain belt just to do some of the dungeons.  The bracelet you'll get from Bloodshade Harbor by drop or by trading in 20 Pirate Emblems at an NPC not too far away from the 24 man portal.  I wouldn't really worry about pets and badges as of right now with where you're at.  I believe once you complete Act 7 of the storyline, you should get an AP soul automatically.  You can upgrade it with Sacred Oils (expensive) later on when you go beyond the 15 AP version.   

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2 hours ago, Otaner said:

I still know very little about Pets and Badges,

You will get pet aura and penguin pet skin during Act 7 story quests.

Pet aura gives you stat boost and can be upgraded to give more stats. You can equip it as is or apply a pet skin to aura. Equiping aura without skin will still give you stats but it has no visual efect. If you apply a pet skin to aura there will be small pet flying around you.

Pet skins give a little hp and can be also equiped without aura. The skin stats are lesser than the stats on pet aura so you will want to apply skin to aura rather then equiping only pet skin. Upgrading pet skin doesn't increase the amount of HP they give but changes their look. First upgrade adds "sparkling" efekt to them, second upgrade changes them to "ultimate" version of skin.


As for badges, they are more high-end content. You need tokens from tower of infinity or from 16-20 floors of mushin tower to acquire soul badge. There are three kinds of tokens from ToI, but only tokens for current season are obtainable from there and they are untradeable.  The other two kinds are tradeable and the main source of them is marketplace where you can buy them from other players who got them during previous seasons. Sometimes they are in "today special" offer of hongmoon store in limited quantity.
The mystic badges can be aquired in celestial basin. That's the solo questing area that unlocks during act 7. You need to farm peaches (quest rewards) there and you also need lunar twighlight flowers (from midnight skypetal plains/dawn of khanda vihar raids) or raven feathers (dawn of khanda vihar/skybreaker spire raids).

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Hi Dlacik, 


So, i should not worry about Badges yet since they are more aimed to highend content, as for Pet, when I'm willing to do the Acts I'll get my own pet.

What about Hongmoon Energy from Naryu Labyrinth, is this somehow related to Pet system? or is something seperate? Should I look to try and get it? 


Any other advices for me? :)

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Hongmoon energy goes in your "soul" slot. You could make a Moonwater soul from Naryu Labyrinth but Act 7 will give you one for free. You can then evolve your Moonwater soul into Hongmoon energy. Overall if you want to gear up, do the main story. It'll literally give you almost everything you need.


By the end of the act 7 you should have a Moonwater soul, Pet Aura, Flawless Sparkling Hongmoon Hexagonal Ruby/Sapphire/Critine and enough moonstone/soulstone crystals + naryu tablets to go from True Ivorymoon -> Seraph/Baleful stage 1, but you'll still need to get the Flower of Lament and Silverfrost Transformation stones.


Supposedly they added full pinnacle accessories, and a soul shield set to the previous acts. Not sure if they give you anything else.

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