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  1. Let me put myself into the line of fire. I know everyone will come at me for this personal opinion, since Call to Arms is most probably the best event ever on B&S. But to be honest I really dislike how Call to Arms is held. This being said, I need to explain, I love the idea to help the player base improve their gear in an easier way. My disliking come with the unfairness of the improvements. At this point, I still don't really know how good the items will be (I've just heard something about Thornbreaker 9 weapon), but it also doesn't matter for the point I want to make (or may
  2. So... back in the days, there were always discussion regarding the best rotation for each class. I've always been a Shadow Warlock, and my few alts were created while simple mode was already available, so I've always played my alts with simple mode. But not for my Warlock, I've adapted my rotation to my needs and preferences. But now, and being away for a few months, I'm feeling lost on where to start and build a rotation. So, I would like to ask you fellow WL is Simple Mode a viable source for dps, or is there a better rotation? Any help is highly appreciated.
  3. Character Name: Renatorious Server: Jinsoyun Flying peacefully while feeling the blood rush through my body in anticipation for the big battle. https://imgur.com/8aLzsDU
  4. @Grimoir @RyVerseLy @ImoutoMaster Thank guys for your input. I do understand I should be more aware to new information and this is another wake up call. Maybe I'll stick more to redit that to official announcements from NCSoft. Don't really consider my previous post as a complaint towards anyone, it's just against my lack of luck. Sometimes I feel like I'm on a river rowing against the current, I'm rowing in the middle of the river, and I look forward and I can see a climb full of rapid waters, a challenge I think to myself. Like a salmon, I throw myself in, rowing, rowing, row
  5. I am really out of luck! What have I been working these last few week? Farming over and over the same boring dungeon? Yes, that's correct, you've guessed it... Imperial Gloves then Skyreach Gloves. Spent 500 gold bidding for the Gloves in my 96th run (out of dispair). Plus 1400 gold in the upgrade and now the first stage is basically free, the evolution will be made with Enlightened Jewels while I've spent roughly a hundred Legendary Jewels. Not to mention the hours of boring farming. Yeah. When I've finished the evolution of my Gloves to Awakened Stg. 3 I felt amazing for having don
  6. It's nice to see that this is coming into place. What I think, is that it seems the Dev team and the Community Managers/Coordinators are not... well... coordinated. If on the patch preview, the community managers said we would have increased difficulty with reduced gold, but this was a necessary step due to... (some poor excuse to make us spend more time/gold in game) ok! But the problem was, someone sold us the idea that the dungeons would be much easier and therefore they would have their gold reward reduced, but after releasing the patch we saw the dungeon difficulty got h
  7. Hi Shirlym, there is a lot of information around, but it is in disguise :) After the awakening path a few moths ago, some names changed. 1) Shadow Warlock is the old name for Scourge and Ice Warlock the old name for Distortion, there is a third specialization still locked for Warlock, we'll have to wait a future update. 2) The skill paths you mentioned are related to the specialization you chose. Dragoncall is from Distortion path and Dragon Helix from Scourge. I've seen people prefering to go Distortion others say Scourge is better. I do like Scourge. In my opinion Scourge rot
  8. @Immunity I do understand your point of view. And it is nonsense of me making such stupid comparison. PVP is not really my thing, but I do understand if you want to climb in PVP fight against whales won't be easy. But still, if you look at all the complaints in this post, this is not about PVP it's about the game and many of the complaints are from PVE players. I understand the objective to be better, the fight to improve, but to rage quit just because there are others better than us? I would have to quit everything I do in life! I play, I have fun, I continue to pl
  9. I don't really understand this topic. I've been playing MMO's for many years now, and from the games I've played, I've always sticked to Free to Play games. BNS is obviously a F2P, I can play the entire game without paying 1€ if I decide to do so, and I can get Endgame Gear even if it takes years to get it, but it is free. Yes, it can be also a bit Pay to Win, where gold may give a boost to your game play, but if you have ever gambled on Trove you may know that "Pay to Win" is not guarantee, so we should come up with another name for it maybe "Gamble to Win". To be honest
  10. So I've been a Shadow Warlock since staring playing the game, but today after the coming of the patch my rotation is completely screwed up. I would like to know what shadow warlocks have become after the patch, have many of you adopted Dragoncall, or still Dragon Helix? Dragon Helix Path (Scourge) doesn't seem fluid enough for me anymore, where has wingstorm gone? Any advices on what to do, where to go? Have fun, guys!
  11. @Lorim Thanks, I'll try to check that! I don't really know how to check "Look in your NVidia panel if it didn't reset which chip your using and put BnS on the integradted chip instead of the GPU." but I'll look around to see if I see something weird. Thanks ^^
  12. Thanks! I've already installed the updated drivers, but I never remembered to check if it was the default one. I'll try to do that. Again, thanks! Have fun
  13. So, I've checked that there are a few people complaining about low fps. And me and my brother have also felt this problem. The thing is, this situation has occurred after the new Windows Update, I've installed it a couple days ago, but i think it has been around since April. So to start, my computer is exactly the same as my brothers, ASUS ROG GL702VMK, i7-7700hq CPU @ 2.80GHz, 16,0GB RAM with a GeForce GTX1060 6GB GDDR5. So, i think this is not some old pathetic potato. I think the culprit to be this Windows Update version, because as soon as the update finished install, and I've tr
  14. Hi guys, let me start to thank you all for your advices. @EZAXIS yeah, you were right I forgot to spec correctly, I had been doing ToI and I usually change skill build. Soulshield/Weapon @EZAXIS I haven't seen I was losing acc in piece 1, I'll change that, asap. It's very easy to get nº 1piece from MSP, and maybe not so hard to try and get Xanos 4. My first impression was that 234 Raven will be worse than 234 Xanos? Should I wait until having at least 5 piece set or full Raven set before changing from Xanos? I mentioned fallen, but i don't think I can get 3 pie
  15. Unfortunatelly, I don't think Vote Kick to be the solution. The underlining problem is the abusers, but those who now are afkers and abuse of the non-kick option, would still becoming abusers by trying to take advantage of the kick option. The problem are the persons. We can't complain with NCSoft for not being able to educate people. There will always exist people that their main purpose in life is to take advantage of loop holes and trying to find as many as they can. Always trying to outclever everyone else. I've played some other games, and carrying people was never a problem f
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