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Arena boosting breaks rating system


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Hey, so there is this issue where I see the top players wanting to do only pvp and not seeing much rewards from it, whereas you need thousands of golds to get that end game gear. So what they do is boost players who otherwise dont play arena. They agree on it to get that outfit that should reward the good players who actually care about arena pvp in exchange for their rewards they will get end of season, which they will give to the booster.

While it isn't a problem in Korea, i think, since it's not a second job to get end game gear there, it is definitely a problem here, as pro pvp players are practically forced to boost even as many as 15 players to get their items if they dont want to do pve content.

Now what this does, is the thing where the rating system becomes a thing of luck, you may either get a player of your level, or get a top 5 player, which will inevitably crush you so fast. Then you will start getting the players who are dropping from plat because of these top 5 players. Needless to say, you will keep on losing.

You can't rely on a rating system like this, and you will quit pvp if you do not have extreme e-sport goals.

This is really sad because players still like to compete with each other in terms of arena but it becomes impossible if 20-ish people turn the arena into their playground to get their six thousand soulstone rewards, WHICH IS NOT THEIR FAULT, they got no choice if they want to remain pvp players after all, staying at top lvl pvp takes an incredible amount of practice.


Hey i also have a solution to this. Now top pvpers boost because they want gear too, right? What if there would be a system where you could get arena gear, full arena gear including soul if you are a top player, as long as you keep being top player. and then as the ranking goes lower and lower so does the level of equipment you get from it. This equipment disappears once season ends, like the arena outfits disappear. Some gold reward is still fine, but you should get more benefits from playing 1 character than boosting 15. Like, make zen beans get you more rewards? better rewards?

all of this would not only save the half dedicated pvp community who don't necessarily wish to compete with the very best of e-sporters, but would also encourage people to start playing arena.

For now the system encourages players to break the rating system, with endless boosting, it litreally rewards that behaviour. and people who do not boost will not be able to do like, world pvp or end game dungeons.

i can also see how top players would still boost greedily even if they got all their equipment, to get people their top weapons, and ask gold in exchange for that. The question is, how much ncwest values its pvp players? It's an esport, no? Free hm coin for 20 people is that bad an idea? so they dont have to ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ up the pvp system every 2 weeks before every end of every season?

It's not like they will pay money to get what they want if they can get it with boosting. You might just give them everything one can get, there are not many good players, and there can be only 50 top 50 players. I believe this is a sacrifice worth making if you want to keep blade and soul west pvp community alive. and if you care, make it prosper by giving those 50 players competition, by encouraging players to get good in arena.

And people still keep quitting, and i really believe this is one frontier among the many that makes people quit.




top 30 fm eu, who wonders what his REAL ranking is if you take away the boosted people

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