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Elemental Accessories can't view character profile


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Hello , since the christmas patch elemental accessories were introduced to blade and soul.However,when the elemental accessory is equipped anyone that tries to view that person or look at their gear in F2 the character's info is bugged out and unable to see anything they are using.Please fix this bug as it is annoying to see whether or not people meet requirements for a dungeon or to see their gear in general , thank you. ~

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6 hours ago, Lissarra said:

There is a bug, that will not let you see stats of other players.

It is quiet often and I found it occure mainly on high lvl characters.


This means that those players are using the elemental accesoires from desolate tomb or ebondrake citatel. Those are the reason why their character profile is bugged.

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2 hours ago, 892228_1452550581 said:

Any eta on the fix yet? This along with the legendary stats not displaying correctly? My "P" is showing me to have 1900accuracy and 5757crit but in f2 it says i have 1300 and 5000. also the crit def but idm it as much


On 24.12.2016 at 11:51 PM, Nightdash said:

Yes and its really bothersome to not be able to look at other people's stats , I hope ncsoft fixes this bug soon

Not really an ETA, but:




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