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  1. Hi there, we are raiding on sunday 8th of april 18 UTC. We might reschedule the date, because we are missing a few people. If you're still interested in joining the clan, whisper 'Qlarity' or 'Skittleee'.
  2. What is better for dps?

    Hi guys, I was wondering what would be the best setup for dps? 1. Oath necklace Pyro earring Pinnacle bracelet Destiny ring Eternity belt 2. Oath necklace Pyro earring Pinnacle bracelet BT leg ring (lightning) Eternity belt 3. Oath necklace True scorpio earring Pinnacle bracelet BT leg ring (lightning) Eternity belt I play sin
  3. Hi, does any have a sheet with all the stats of the new black tower soul shields? Thanks in advance
  4. Valiant I can give you some tips for fighting sins as a destroyer. I play both classes myself so I know all of the skills both classes have. I think the most important thing for a destroyer, is to either block or iframe the body swap. That skill is their deadliest weapon that counters your spin and it can set up combo's that can make you tab early. Other than that, the sin will have trouble to cc you while you're spinning. They have their F (swiftstep) to knock you down, (when they come behind you and kick you) but if you time your spin right, they will get parried. They also have their 3 (shadow slash) that can knock you down, but that skill is a skillshot so they have to aim it. I useally just spam 1 if they manage to hit it, because they will tech chase the roll or web/stun you if you press 2. If you can, try to counter their shuriken. That skill can also be parried by your spin. If you block that, they can't tech chase you with it. Also try to save your z pull to tech chase their tab. If they allready used their tab and your z is up, you can use it to counter their attacks on you then tech chase with 2 or 4 to do some big damage to them. Remember, sin's stealth lasts 6 secondes. Try to predict what they are going to do in those 6 secondes. The pressure is on them, because they have to make a plan within that time limit and a good destroyer can prevent the sin from going into stealth again after the sin goes out of stealth. If you're fighting a sin that only pokes and hides, try to save your defensive skills when they are about to do something and don't mindlessly spam all of them. A destroyer has enough skills to counter most of the sin's engages. Their shuriken can be blocked with your spin, their poison mine can be countered with your c and their jump that stuns you can be countered by either red spin or z pull. When their stealth runs out, they have some options to get into stealth again. 1. They bodyswap you and dash behind you to get into stealth. (Counter that with c, red spin, v shield or ss) When you iframe your bodyswap with c, they useally try to counter your c knockup with decoy. What I useally do, is use knee kick if they predict the c knockup and tech chase when they roll or grab when they don't. 2. They decoy and you hit on their decoy. (Wait out the decoy or try to grab, knee kick, leg sweep at the right moment. Good sins can q your grab/knee kick so watch out for that.) 3. They poison you and press tab to get into stealth. (You can try to iframe the poison or quickly stun him while he is doing the animation.) 4. They Q your blitz/ram to iframe and get into stealth. (Don't just charge in when they have their q off cooldown. instead, try to act accordingly on their offensive skills or try to find an open window where you can stun him for example when they try to poison you with mots or mine.) Your job is to prevent them from going into stealth by countering accordingly. From there on, it's a bit of a mind game.
  5. What to do against this

    Swap the cat with tab, go into stealth using the back of the cat. Try to get his escape (the one where he becomes invisible and dashes backwards.) Follow him after his escape and stun him. Rmb-F him to death while avoiding his cat and aoe skills. This useally works vs most beginner summoners, they instantly use their escapes on minor cc's. You don't even need to kill him. You can just poke him a bit, play safe and get into stealth as much as possible.
  6. Regarding bis bracelet

    Hey guys, After the patch, the Asura bracelet became the Pinnacle bracelet which has pretty good stats. Before the patch the Asura bracelet was slightly worse than the Binding bracelet from EC. I got 4 questions regarding that fact: 1. Since the binding bracelet was a better version of asura bracelet before the patch, is the binding bracelet an even stronger version of the pinnacle bracelet or did they not change that one? (I don't have the binding bracelet to check the stats.) 2. Is the pinnacle bracelet that I recently unsealed BiS? (617 Block, 27 AP, 648 critical damage, 11 additional damage) 3. Does the pinnacle bracelet beat the true python bracelet in terms of dps? I have 60%+ crit chance with the pinnacle bracelet at the moment. 4. Should I salvage my true python bracelet to get elements for my oath necklace? It seems risky to me, since they could nerf the stats of the pinnacle bracelet. (648 critical damage seems pretty OP to me.)
  7. Hack or legit?

    Hi guys, Yesterday I was doing some pvp on my sin account in 1v1 arena. I fought another sin that was doing something really weird. Whenever I webbed him or used ice mine on him, he can turn his character in a way that I couldnt use my shadow dash (1) to get invisible. For example: I web him on the ground and he moves his legs towards me so I can't stealth and do my combo. If I use icemine, he just turns his character around so he would not have his back towards me. I was wondering if this is a legit tactic or if he's using an hack or bot. It seemed like a bot, because he always insta tabs and used the same opener over and over again.
  8. Ebondrake Citadel

    I guess he is saying that you don't necessarily need stealth in EC and that the boss fight is more fun without the stealth mechanic.
  9. Windows 10 Framerate fix

    So do you have to uninstall the newer dx and install the old one?
  10. Hi guys, I was thinking about making an upgrade to my laptop, because my fps drops to 16-25 when I play with other players that have flashy aoe skills. For a couple of months, I've played the game with players off and all graphical settings on lowest except for textures. Since it's a laptop and not a pc, upgrading my cpu and gpu is not possible, so I'm thinking about adding more RAM. I have 6gig of RAM at the moment and I want to add 2gig more. I want to know if this will improve my fps a bit more. Here are my specs: ASUS A555L Windows 10 64 bit Intel core I7-5500U 3.0 GHz Nvidia Geforce 920m 6gb Ram The above specs are way above the recommended specs, so it should run well without any upgrade. I'm confused why I'm still lagging in simple places like heaven's mandate and cold storage.
  11. 90 ~ 109 and a good ping to play for Assassin?

    I have 133 ping and I don't really have a problem with playing sin. I'm only having trouble using dark build.
  12. New in the game, have few questions please

    At your level, you can just rightclick F everything in stealth with lightning crash. When you reach level 45-50 use lightning build. Don't use dark build if you don't have hm skills. Even if you have hm skills, I would just stick to lightning build unless you have very good ping. Soul shields in the early game are not that important. Just use what you get while leveling up. Farming soul shields is a waste of time unless you reached around 450 ap. Then you can try to get some decent soul shields like yeti, asura and be ido.
  13. I keep getting dc

    Hi, thanks for trying to help, but support has allready fixed my problem. I just had to disable non-microsoft programs from starting when I boot up my laptop and reset winsock in cmd.
  14. I keep getting dc

    I don't know what you mean. You mean like playing with a wired connection?
  15. I keep getting dc

    Hi guys, I've got a major problem that needs to be solved. I could really use some help. Lately, I keep disconnecting from the game. This only happens on my laptop and not on others. My friend can play on his laptop in the same room with no problems, while I can't even walk for 5 minutes without disconnecting. Moving my laptop closer to my router seems to solve the problem, but my router is at a very inconvenient place. I can't move my router either. Any idea what can cause this problem? I even reinstalled the game, but it did not help.