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  1. NCSoft doesn't care , this problem has been prominent since 64bit patch but they have never fixed this issue yet. People all over the community have reported this many times but they have yet to do anything about this. Game will continue to die until no players left . Hopefully they do something about it asap or else game is just going to keep dying .
  2. Yes and its really bothersome to not be able to look at other people's stats , I hope ncsoft fixes this bug soon
  3. Hello , since the christmas patch elemental accessories were introduced to blade and soul.However,when the elemental accessory is equipped anyone that tries to view that person or look at their gear in F2 the character's info is bugged out and unable to see anything they are using.Please fix this bug as it is annoying to see whether or not people meet requirements for a dungeon or to see their gear in general , thank you. ~
  4. phoenix wing adds extra damage to your dragontongue's when you use it during phoenix wing , so for fire bm's phoenix does more if you can get alot of dragontongues out while phoenix wing is in duration
  5. I am not sure how long ago this was , but I am pretty sure it was around beluga patch? I used to be able to view other player's soul shields when I search for them in F2 and look at the stats and substats of their soulshields by hovering over it. However , now everytime I hover over someone's soulshield in F2 I can't view anything , and it seems like many people have noticed but no one has really reported it so if we can get a fix to this soon that would be great~
  6. NCSOFT PLEASE FIX YOUR SERVERS ASAP!! Many of us are very frustrated and not happy about this. If anything shut down servers if you have to , dont let players login and suffer from all these random disconnects and ping spikes.
  7. The start of blade and soul's downfall lol , crappy optimization and potato servers . Feelsbadman
  8. yeah server is disconnecting alot today for some reason :/ hope ncsoft sees this
  9. In tower of infinity , floors 30 and below you can acquire sparring soul shields , which has a nice three set effect that's good for open world / tower of infinity . However , they are really hard to acquire because I have to purposely let myself die in order to get below floor 30 since my record is alot higher up. So it puts me past floor 31+ . Any reccomendations as to how we can acquire sparring soul shields an easier way instead of actually having to die purposely to get them? It's time consuming waiting for the A.I. to kill you and it just sucks having to do that . I am trying to get a 3
  10. exactly , which why it kinda sucks we have to rely on them :/ .
  11. This is widely opinion based , so there is no right or wrong answer , but I strongly dislike that the new dungeon (ebondrake citadel) requires a summoner/assassin to do a specific skill to do a party stealth . Although it puts sins/summoners in a nice spot. It's starting to make Blade and Soul class reliant , and this game in my opinion is what makes blade and soul a really good game. It really sucks that I have to rely on either of those classes to save me from being dead in a boss fight , its nice that the boss has that unique mechanic but it made it class reliant and I can not walk into tha
  12. I would suggest blade dancer/assassin. They both are high dps and very mobile classes and have alot of utility in parties.Assassins having very high dps as well as blade dancer. Sins can teleport their party members across trash mobs in stealth while blade dancers can grab bosses that allows the party to use skills that do massive damage while the boss is grabbed.
  13. +1 I support this , I am a soulfighter main and I am upset that we do not have too much of an impact in parties compared to all the other classes. I love the idea of making a soulfighter a tank and adding threat skills , at least to their elbow smash. Sucks when youre in a party with no kfm and bm and you have to stress to do a bunch of dps to keep aggro
  14. In my opinion I want a rework on the heal , I want it to have more utility. Something that will make us wanted in parties , just like all the other classes have to offer. Sure,heals are great but is it really needed when all classes usually have an amethyst or self healing skill of their own? Maybe like a party iframe or dps buff , something noticeable that makes soul fighters unique.The healing skill on soul fighters no doubt is nice to have but just not enough to make us wanted in parties and it puts us in an awkward position many times in parties and that is one reason not many people play
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