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  1. You can also get a Ivorymoon weapon by a vendor in grand harvest by using silverfrost valorstones. But like you mentioned, you should ask the support, if they can help you further.
  2. My advice for you would be to run the dungeons only with your clan. Here you have the best learning effect without being insulted,blamed or etc. Your know your clan mates very well and vice versa, so you can do the dungeons without any preasure. And dont forget: this is only a game, not a job (equally what other people say) :)
  3. Maybe because these areas were very time consuming, especially when you have to summon a boss, which is required for the daily quest. And many people complained about this problem. Personally, im very happy with this change, now you can do daily challenge within 1-2 hours.
  4. I remember that you mentioned, that the EU community will fail in doing Black tower for at least one month. Now i know the reason..
  5. @Charas " The accessory path changes only impact new characters, who will see a change in the items they receive. New users will obtain the new Sterling/Ivorymoon accessories through epic quests, while existing characters will keep their current accessories. Existing characters can also acquire the new Ivorymoon accessories from the Silverfrost Valor Stone Trader NPC in Grand Harvest Square for 10 Silverfrost Valor Stones each. Finally, some of the existing accessories are going to have their stats and drop locations updated. If you currently own some of these accessori
  6. Wenn ich mich nicht täusche, kann man den Gift-Debuff (was du vielleicht meinst) neutralisieren, indem man auf diese Gullies/vergitterten Löcher steht.
  7. Indem man mit diesem Gewehr mehrmals auf ihn zielt.
  8. I think its like with the blackram costume, which you can get only through a side quest in jadestone village. There arent any other ways to get this wreath, sry :/
  9. I will think about this when i buy a lotto ticket :3
  10. Sind keine persönlich-getestete Builds: HM 5: https://bnstree.com/tree/WL?b=rkRkrfHue HM 11: https://bnstree.com/tree/WL?b=SJKrHGS_g HM 13: https://bnstree.com/tree/WL?b=r1B_SGHdl Weitere Builds kannst du hier einsehen (du musst etwas nach unten scrollen): https://bnstree.com/tree/WL
  11. Ganz genau. Die Truhe des Vermächtnis der Hongmoon enthält folgende Gegenstände: 250 Seelensteine 70 Mondsteine 200 Gefrorene Stachel 15 Naryu-Tafeln 150 Veredelungssteine aus Silberfrost Das heißt, dass du alle Sachen an deine anderen Charaktere versenden kannst. Und nur die ersten drei Sachen (kursiv) kannst du im Markt verkaufen.
  12. Mushin Flur/Ebene 1-15, da wird immer der DPS Meter angezeigt. Den besten Dmg erzielst du mit Wespenschwarm Ebene 5 Aktion 3, vorrausgesetzt du hast Rosendorn (LMB) auf Ebene 5 Aktion 1 geskillt, mit welchem du Wespenschwarm instant benutzen kannst.
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