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  1. I think its like with the blackram costume, which you can get only through a side quest in jadestone village. There arent any other ways to get this wreath, sry :/
  2. Oh mate, im very dissappointed by what you have written, i wouldnt have thought , that you would write this :(
  3. Send a ticket, ask for reset, give them your correct birthday date, pin will be resetted -> problem solved.
  4. Havent they mentioned something like "We will see you back" in the past?
  5. Buy it from market for ~50-60g or for 499(?) HM Coins from HM STore.
  6. Vielen danke für deine Mühe^^
  7. Like many, Many, MANY players have mentioned: WWV will be death after event, sooo: who cares about the problems with our cat there?
  8. It depends on the team: - yesterday i had a good grp and have done 3 matches = all win. - today i have lost 2 matches and won (very close) one match.
  9. You can also "take holydays from your work in the world of Blade and Soul. Instead of killing mobs and doing Dailys you can also go swim, help the ppl in windrest, travel along the world, chatting with other players and etc.". But this will never happen and nobody will do it either...^^
  10. 1 minute praying for these went guys....rest in peace...
  11. I was just joking LOL. (byside, for someone is this really a reason to quite^^)
  12. not everyone is interested in playing against summoners so these ppl leaving.
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