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Fresh LVL 50 and lot of quests pop up


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Im near to level to 50 my second toon and i remember the psicological crysis when i levelled my first one and a load of quets popped...and still got some of them there waiting cause i dont have the AP required for those dungeons. Eh i know...too many alts all together mean low AP on them all...my destiny...


So i wanted to ask what of those quests can be actually deleted and taken back when my AP will be enought. For example i see some dungeons with multiple dailies but i still dont have an idea if those will be available in F8 "waiting room" as low dungeons one or if ill have to go around and search them on the field. Actually dont wanna risk to lose access to some dailies cause i deleted a part of the quest to have a less confused quest list. (hope they ll add some sort of toggle quest on/off of the list on screen)


Examples but there are more : (cant find a full list of them...if someone have it...its really welcome)


Soguns lament :

1) view to a lament (normal)

2)horning in (normal)

3)asuras return (daily)

4)fire and ice (normal)


Same goes for a few dungeons where low AP still cant enter. (without someone carrying them or without being a burnden, thing that i try to avoid)


So im i (and us all) condemned to keep my quest list "full" of quests i cant do or some are abandonable without regretting it? (and without going mad to get them back)



thanks for the answers and may the toggle quest on/off be with us :D







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First,those normal quests...well,are just side quests that are available until you complete them(basically one time things) ,no need to delete/abandon them,you aren't limited anyway (even though you can,they'll still be there to pick up again). You can just hide them from quest log if they bothers you,as for the dailies,they simply are available every days as the name suggest.



 Now,as a fresh 50,id recommend u at least get a 25 AP pentagonal diamond if you don't already. They usually go for a handful of golds which isn't too hard to obtain and is quite the jump in power assuming u don't have one already.


Try get siren accessories and oathbreaker/awakened oathbreaker wep for now. Depending on your gathering guilds(not crafting),try  get the "max" lvl requests materials,basically "free" stuff that u can get every 20-24 hours. For example,trappers/hunters can request some Mamosu bones for 10 silvers and re-sell them for like 1-2golds. It's something. Just google on how/where to find the highter lvl request materials


Do a handful of open world dailies anywhere in the silverfrost mountains (maybe not 24 mans ones as they do require you,most of the time,to kill bosses and obviously you're gonna need peoples) They are easy cash AND xp for you to gain HM lvls which will boost your overall stats even more. Basically any you come accross that isn't in a dungeon/boss kill


For your soul shields,get yeti. Don't think about optimal stats too hard,just do lvl 50 purples,6mans(Avalanche den/Necropolis/Lair of frozen fang/Cold Storage/Heaven mandate) Note that CS and HM are only completable once a day unless you have resets. If possible,do it with friends so you don't have to "gamble" your way through f8 high AP requirements pugs. Not saying its impossible but ya know,from time to time,ull get peoples who won't bother carrying you. Do blue dungeons too for some upgrade mats and extra silvers


^ Focus on those things until ur past/around 450 ish AP


Now,after some progress in gear upgrade, around 500+ maybe,do Asura (you can do it way earlier with good parties but let's assume you just wanna do it with randoms). Note that Sogun's Lament aka Asura,is more mechanical heavy than DPS ...unless of course your party is full of overgeared peoples which can happen so that'd be good for you,i guess.  Upgrade from yeti ss with Asura SS


And so on,you gear up and can eventually do 4mans of any dungs listed above. There's alot more stuff AFTER  but for now,i think you should focus with those. You should try upgrading ur weapon then upgrade ur accessories in order ,like upgrade wep>then neck>then ring> bracelet etc. My point is,don't try to max ONE thing right away,its not efficient at all.



Alternatively,you can play the market if you have some materials and try make profits. You can also craft but ,unless you're already max lvl with ur crafting guilds,i wouldn't bother with them yet. Remember that a clan/group of friend  will make everything much easier/faster

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Thanks for the long and helpfull description :D


+25 Diamonds go for 11+ golds atm, not too much but dunno if the price is good, ill check for a few days and see how it goes.


About soul shield ive been said to use 3 pieces of bloodshade to avoid trasher skill...but is also true that it dies so fast nowdays that SS could be useless, if the damn yeti (me and it got a real bad relationship...cant really get how to survive even checking guides...ingame things look so different) decide to drop the parts i need :D


Equipment upgrade become quite expensive after oathbreaker so i think ill check what char i like more before going full in with the upgrades and end up regretting it^^


Ill check the crafting and ggatering prices when il have some time, maybe i got the right ones on 1 of the toons.

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Yes,the trasher will die way too fast anyway. Second,the debuff was removed altogether. Even the Asura's Brand(debuff) in Sogun's Lament  was removed,so if you ever read guides about it,just take in consideration that you won't need protection againts it.

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For what it's worth, it's okay to feel carried here and there.  As you experienced, you can read and watch so many guides out there, but if you don't actually do the dungeon itself, you won't really know how to do it.


I found that there's usually a good 1-3 higher AP folks that still LFP the lower heroics like Lair, Necro, Yeti, etc... and for the most part they are usually nice and patient enough to carry/help out new people.  So don't be afraid to LFP as well.  If the higher AP didn't want to carry members, then it's their fault that they LFP'd.

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