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  1. Blight ring has been disable. Why?

    Necroing but this is now a bigger problem without the hongmoon accessories. Not a super big problem but trying to have decent access would help a little. The guide on main site (about new paths for weap and access) say that ring should come from the dungeon but it wont and the quest that in the past gave it (together with neck and ear) dont give it anymore.
  2. no douts is gameguard with gameguard down for a few days, everything was back to normal today gameguard is back, and every *cricket* thing crash on startup again.. opening them first work tho^^ (untill they read here and close them too :D )
  3. from what i can say, gameguard wasnt starting in the last few days and all the problems MAGICALLY disappeared, today gameguard is back on and mouse cursor gone away, process disappeared again, i myself having random crashes like it was 8 and 9 feb... lets see if someone can imagine what is the culprit....
  4. isnt this p2w enought? i see people that still havent finished act 4 with like 600 ap (before last patch) and it ofc come from market, now u want that too? they could sell the items themself and delete all the "NOT A WHALE" accounts.... id even say put limits to the legendaries and so instead. like u cant wear a certain level of weap untill a certain hm level or so (being said that there MUST be no way to buy exp ofc). really, whales are already creating an elitist game (with the help of who send out game updates too early so they are the only ones that can actually play them), give them stronger gear too...nice move
  5. Faction insignas possible uses

    self-necroing this one, but look like the thing is changed with the 8 feb patch, unless it show it wrong on the weapon paths, now u dont need insignas anymore. That, if true, lead to 2 uses only, the items at ssp and clan levelling only.
  6. Game client issue (when starting game)

    having the same prob if i use the 64 one, but if i return to 32, its fast gain :D there is an option in thelauncher to use the 32 if interested
  7. 64-Bit problems so far.

    so i as thinking that there was some problem with firefox...cause chrome worked fine... but today i tried to open some other things while waiting for a guy to reconnect, and *cricket* nothing can start, not even excell or some normal programm that i dont really know if i can say here. seems to me thatgameguard simply kill 99% of the things, crashing them. but some are "strong" enought to stay on if i open them before bns... GIVE US BACK THE OLD CRAPPY BNS !!!!! The few new good things wont worth all the pain...
  8. i have that error at random time, i suddenly see the logout page (white background and blade and soul logo) and the game shut down. when im back to win i see that error popup.
  9. Blade and soul kill firefox

    win 7, 64 bit here
  10. Blade and soul kill firefox

    After the patch, both 32 and 64 bns dont allow me to open firefox while the client is on. When its closed all work fine. Could be the clients or gameguard, dunno, but i was uses to always have it opened to check things and thats sad now. Also seems that if i start firefox previously,the game wont load at all. On the other hand, chrome works fine with both.
  11. debugger

    got it after an avast antivirus update, adding bns to the exceptions/exclusions removed the popup problem (still not so good to leave it uncontrolled...who knows :D)
  12. Amethyst going to be impossible to get?

    Mind if i ask what event are u talking about? If i try to search some valentine thing (cause chocolate mean valentine usually) i can only find the 2016 one... U talk about a stream, maybe somewhere there is a written version that explain it? Thanks
  13. A couple of thoughs, 1) As we can read by all the comments there are players pro-founders (whatever a founder do they have the right to keep the name) and against-founder (after a while if character is not used => name wipe) Id stay in the middle, as sending emails to the owner of the accounts asking to confirm if they want to keep the name, or even the character, and if not, wipe them. Ok with the fact that they someone paid for the name, but its also true that some people will never return. Asking is good and polite. 2)True that this game allow the space in the name...but cricket...why not the numbers? Like an example said, if Phil Spiderman is taken, i can get PhilSpiderman1 2 3 and so on , they can allow a max number of numbers (ouch sound dumb) cause i dont think that we will have philspiderman999 but this way we can have a number we like near the toon name. If they dont want people that use numbers as letters (like writing ARIA as 4r14), they can allow numbers in the end of the name only (ever happened to check ur address on facebook? they did the same with ppl with the same name) or so...
  14. The real problem there is the crazy high cost of those tickets, thats is something like 1000 coins each, u need 3...thats 3000. On my server the trade between coins and gold (ctrl+c) is around 5/1....thats 600 gold without the fees...maybe whales and super high levels ( usual...level is shit without the cash) can do it for a whim, but the rest of us got gear to buy...being this a game that is TOTALLY AP realated, and wasting that lot of money on name will let u behind in the rush for AP, thats like i said seems the only important thing here.
  15. Faction insignas possible uses

    well i wanted to know if there was something i coulnt know if those where all? like the ssp part, that i have to check ingame for example, to se what can be actually bought