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  1. If you want that weak ass healing from seraph...you do you,but as for the roaring tiger cd,that hardly matters if you have proper badges. Besides : 30% cd reduction on roaring tiger vs all your major skills getting cd reset every 30 seconds. I don't need to explain that one through.
  2. No,it's not. Unless you just wanna make a riftwalk which then becomes "on hit" effect anyway. The only viable reason to go seraph is if you plan on getting it to stage 10+ ASAP to turn it into a riftwalk. If not,just stick with bale and make it into raven.
  3. It's meant to be a gold sink. There's actually alot of peoples that have nothing else to do with fabrics and superior fabrics,me included.
  4. He means it as an actual drop when it can be tedious and is probably the only thing worth getting out of it
  5. 6s is way too chaotic and gear based to be properly balanced. As for 1v1 and 3v3,it'll always be balanced based around World Championship performances and korean ladder.
  6. Yea uhhhhh,i don't think peoples would be too fond of SF being female only.
  7. Ascendant is the stage after galaxy,its literally just an upgrade material for said weapon.
  8. The arabic-themed ( i guess) outfit is from later story quest. As for the red jin dress,its part of the hello kitty sets which we'll never get.
  9. Those texture issues happens frequently. They get fixed now and then
  10. The Gon one with the "crazy" back been in for ages <.< its the balrog boss outfit lmao. Was added on silverfrost patch,day one. As for most of them (besides the hello kitty sets that we'll never get) its just a matter of release schedule.
  11. What the actual ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ did i just read...
  12. It's like those guys that want l̶y̶n̶ kfms and l̶y̶n̶ rat destroyers (bruh...)
  13. I mean... He already said no and for quite the obvious reasons: that'd be dumb of them to allow outfits transferable to other accounts when most outfits are locked behind...idk..an actual achievment and/or certain purchases. If the excuse is : i wanna start over on a fresh account,then its alot of ressources spent for naught. If it's : I don't have anymore character slots then they'd obviously have you rather get more character slots. If it's simply that you don't remember your account infos at all then its easy to recover with support. Hell,you could e
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