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Another "What class(alt) to pick ?" thread *.*

DmC DAnte

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Hello guys !


I currently have a very shitty computer. While leveling up, I kind of just wanted to get max level and not caring about the story, graphics or anything else. I have managed to get a level 50 BM (a class which I absolutely love) among other level 4x+ characters. But since I'm going to get a new computer, I would like to level up an alt that doesn't have that much difficulty soloing World Bosses(Jianghi, Deva, Lycan and the like) & also blue dungeons from around my level. I have narrowed it down to 3 classes : Force Master, Warlock & Summoner(Prefer not because it seems a bit dull). I would like a class that has some survavibility in Solo play, "HUGE DAMAGE" as well as usefulness in max level dungeons. I can ani-cancel very well(Thanks to the 3RF and RB/LB on Destro *.*) and don't mind a high skill-cap class if the end result is rewarding. Also note that I won't be playing PvP with this alt. My BM is enough for that :D

I do not think I have the time to level them all, which is why I'm asking you guys :) Help me choose :D

Thanks !


Edit : I forgot to mention that I really enjoy challenges like the Trial Arena, Mushin's tower & Infinity tower :D

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Based on your requirements,


TBH, all three of those classes are pretty good for what you are trying to achieve.  For "HUGE DAMAGE", you probably want to go for FM or Warlock.  I heard Warlock is pretty beast in terms of DPS right now, and FM is one of the top ones in KR, but it's up to you to do your research.  I think Summoner did good damage, but they just got recently nerfed, so I'm not sure how much of a decrease it is in today's patch.


In terms of utility, all 3 of those classes brings a lot to the board:

 - Force Master - Party Save, Party Projectile Protection

 - Summoner - Party Save, Party Stealth (Currently needed for Ebondrake Citadel), Party Project Protection, Party Heal, Cat Tank

 - Warlock - Soulburn (Party Buff), Party Heal (I believe their Sanctum heals if you spec for it, but not sure how many WL's actively use it), Temporary Thrall Tank


I'm not an expert in any of them so I can't vouch purely on which is more fun, does more damage, etc..  I do have a Warlock/Summoner alt and they are a good break from doing melee all the time.


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FM is a blast to play if you are now interested in a ranged class.  With numerous iframes, moving or non moving shield, low cd on skills, dps monster, it's a mob clearing machine.  You might also want to wait for the new class that is coming out soon.  My money on gunner.  Will be rolling one.

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