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(SPOILERS) Yura in Highland Past


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Sooo on my second playthrough of the story I noticed something kinda strange, and it involves Yura appearing in a scene in Highland Central's past.


Considering the following:


1. Yura is currently spying on Jinsoyun for Mushin under the pretense of working for her

2. Jinsoyun is only a kid at that time and is found by Jiwan after the incident 

3. Mushin does not have a scar at the time and presumably wasn't corrupted


What was Yura doing at the failed Divine Mandate Ritual? o.o

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The whole point of Yura's machinations in the Highland Necropolis was simply to open the portal to the Dark Realm to let Mushin out. This is because, in the original story, Mushin was carrying a fragment of the Dark Lord which would subconsciously affect his decisions in bringing the Dark Lord to the Earthen Realm. This was omitted after CN revisions and reverse porting, though might make itself known in Act 7.


Why couldn't Yura directly bring the Dark Lord to the Highland Necropolis at the time? She lacked a sacrifice Naryu descent, i.e. Yunwa, to serve as the Dark Lord's vessel.

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