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  1. Anyone else getting this? I'm critting about once in 60-70 keys on average, while my clannies crit like once in 5-6 keys, at this point I'm starting to doubt the concept of rng itself. I mean this is like rolling a dice and getting the same number 20 times =/
  2. I noticed that the weapons given in the story line early on to replace the earlier stages of HM weapons have their own unique skins, some of which I thought looked pretty nice. Would there be any chance that players who have already completed the released story line will have a way to get those weapons for skins? Like maybe exchange for emblems/tokens like the old stage 1 HM weapon?
  3. Update: I found a temporary solution If you swap to French (and presumably German, I only tested French) the typing confirmation glitch isn't there, so update your game with one of those languages, swap faction, then change your game back to English. Note: You will need to use alt codes to enter the correct accent, for french the code for the "é" is 0233 (hold alt and type 0233 then release)
  4. Same problem. No clan, haven't changed in 1-2 months, even tried 2 different npc's (jadestone and yehara's) and abandoning all fac quests. Change button is greyed even when I type "Change" correctly. Also doesn't give a reason for why I can't change, says factions are equally balanced like always.
  5. They're all pretty meh imo =/ but which one should I get if I get one now? (including the new blue ones)
  6. I already did =/ my client worked fine before the raven update but now if I run with 64bit it doesnt start at all and is just stuck on that raven king image, If I run with 34 bit, I can kinda play for about 30 seconds to 1 min before the game goes to that white screen and closes itself, displaying some message saying the client encountered an error along with the (4041) thing. I heard 4041 has something to do with gameguard so I tried deleteing the gameguard file as suggested in another post and fixing files, and I have no other programs running on my computer besides blade and sou
  7. Ever since I installed the raven update, I've been unable to properly open my game. It either doesn't open or goes to the white screen and closes itself when I'm trying to log onto one of my characters. It also pops up with the error message that has a (4041) at the end... I've tried fixing files and restarting, as well as redownloading gameguard. Anyone else having this problem?
  8. Well actually I dont really do naksun and mushin's tower right now >_> I failed naksun terribly when I had 600-ish ap and havent tried it since, by daily challenge I mean the 4 dungeons/quests I do from the list, didnt really count the 1g although I've gotten 100g like twice and 10g 4-5 times. I kinda like gambling so I do it anyways. My computer's extremely laggy when there are lots of people so I tend to shy away from ssp and msp, I mean I can configure settings not to lag but it's just not fun and too tedious relative to the rewards imo. Thanks for the advice tho ^_^ I'll
  9. I have a main currently barely at 650ap, and 3 lvl 50 alts that I haven't really bothered gearing (so around 400 >_>) the one I'm considering gearing is my WL since I'm just good at it for some reason and find it more enjoyable than the other 2. My question here is will putting gold into my alt allow be to make more gold? My current daily income is around 15-20g from my main since I do soguns, daily challenge, and a few 4 mans if I have time (haven't tried EC or Tomb yet), and sometimes I do CS and Necro on said alt. I have around 150g on me right now so if I put all that in
  10. F3 says it's a "transmute outfit" now, but I don't see it anywhere in the transmute pouches, anyone know for sure?
  11. I think everyone got a you will be disconnected timer a few hours ago, but why is it still down? This is longer than the maintenance time this morning... Also MMOServers site seems to think all the servers are up, so how come I can't get past the updater thing? =/
  12. I heard dreadtide weapons were removed for whatever reason, but some people are saying it's just a problem with loot tables and they will drop once it is fixed, so what's the actual deal with them? The skin's really cool and I'd like to get one for my BM without spending like 300g x_x
  13. Just a suggestion, but what do you guys think of a system where you can report afks? Of course to prevent trolling there should be no actual penalties, but what if when a certain amount of players reports a player as an afk said player gets a little symbol next to their name or something that warns other players this person afks? And maybe something like the GTA star system where the more reports a player gets the more stars next to their name? What do you guys think?
  14. By time/gold efficient I mean I'm measuring gold in time, so if farming a flower takes longer than making 60g for one than just buying with gold would prob be more efficient. So far the methods I'm aware of are CS/Mandate, Soguns, Nexus, MSP, and using heavenly energy. I also know you can use the Christmas event currency but that's gonna take a while for me to build up on my alts and I'd really rather have the outfit on most of my alts. So are there any methods I'm not aware of or any one method that is better than the rest?
  15. I noticed that if I don't kill Kaari in CS it doesn't actually lock, does that mean I can repeatedly do the main boss dynamic quest for petals without buying resets? Or am I missing something here
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