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Summoner "Beckon" rework !


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Tell you the truth this skill need a serious rework cause in this way how it works its useless.

The damn cat stuck everywhere cuase the AI of this game is ridicilousy bad so bad it literly hurts sometimes the damn cat stuck in nothing in arena.

Or in battle ground omg how many summoner can ask the same question... WHERE IS MY CAT ?!? this is wrong, so wrong.


Please rework this skill: If summoner didnt resist any damage when he use Beckon then didnt put the resist effect on 30 sec. cooldown.

If summoner resist any damage then apply only the 30 sec cd.


This is so stupid i have to waste 1 of my escape skill cause the game is bad, and glitched ! Please apply this change soon as possible.


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Haha, I felt this is somewhat realistic since real life cats don't always listen either. But, I do agree it sucks when the cats takes off (like chasing an enemy off a cliff) and the only way to get it back is to run as far as you can in the opposite direction hoping it will teleport back to you.


I think the idea of the beckon timer activating ONLY if a resist and/or cc goes off is great. If you beckon just to get the cat to heel, no timer should be in place. 

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