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  1. iam laughing so hard ! this is the best.
  2. I stopped playing with this game untill next class changes will be out, if i will not see some kind of buff in the next patch note. I quit !
  3. Not bad idea, but you know this change will never happen. This kind of changes actually good for summoners and Ncsoft didnt want that. Ncsoft want to kill the summoner class not make it better.
  4. Ok let me explain this ! think about the cat is a skill bar Z,X,C,V skill bar ok what if i say you can apply any kind of CC on my skill bar then it became unavaible. You can kill my skill bar, And if we talking about arena cat have half hp then summoner (dont know why but it does) 39k HP summoner 20k Cat . that measn you can kill the cat easily.
  5. Summoner was nerfed for something what he isnt capable of ! This nerf came literly 2 years earlier then it should! this is the main reason iam against it. Eu/Na Summoner got the same nerf as TW Summoner! Lets do some datamining. B&S was released in Taiwan November 20. 2014, They have Elemental damage multipliers on accasories and weapon ! They do so much damage compair to us. B&S was released in Europe January 16 2016. This nerf makes no sense if we are looking these facts ! PLEASE undo this damage nerf on sunflower and bees and apply this nerf when really needed
  6. Please not again ! Dont make this post argument between classes ! Please ! Iam mad beacuse this is the exactly the same nerf what TW summoner got (TW summoner Do 150k-200k DPS EU/NA Summoner do about 30k DPS). The main problem with this nerf !
  7. Wheres your warlock pal in Tower of Infinity ?
  8. Hi everyone ! I am a summoner and as you can see iam quite disappointed with the current balance of the game. Unfortunately my favorite class got nerfed "again". As it seems ncsoft want summoners to be support and nothing else, But this is not the solution, just nerfing damage and TADAM now you are a support, Now SMN cannot a out-dps a Fm or Wl even if they are mess up skill rotations or just to lazy to do it properly ! Balance... So my suggestion is if you take away are damage, compensate it with less prices ! Reduce every upgrade price and materials on summone
  9. Dear Ncsoft. Everbody makes mistakes, its natural we are humans maybe this isnt even your fault if your world map looks like THIS i think you guys have to get a new one ! But seriosuly. Ncsoft i will be so kind to link a world map to you, HERE maybe now you can see the difference. And here comes a few fact Blade and soul was relesed in TW Nov. 20 2014, and EU release was in Jan. 19 2016 ! So Summoner got nerfed based on the damage we can deal on TW client what is 2 years older, progressed then our clinet, and we got the same changes ? EU/NA Summoner is farm fr
  10. Make a character shot they said, i will be cute they said ...
  11. To all angry summoner who think is this is outrageous by getting nerfed we are not even capable of ! LETS DO A PETION, to redo this nerf, iam not a wind summoner my rmb not do 80k+ damage/ tick this nerf meant to be in Kr/tw not in Eu or US ! EVERY WHO AGAINST it ! Say it on in this topic ! if ncsfot ignores 35-40% of player base we simply found another game but 40% if a huge number maybe we can do something about it ! Please Adveriste this topic to every1 ! Petition: My vote: Againt it !
  12. With all my respect we got the same changes (exactly what taiwwan got) please ready after it. Iam not talkin about other classes like dps, every class have his own role what have to fill in dungeons, and iam fine with that to. Summoner got nerfed compaired to legendary wind summoner what currently not even exist in EU/NA, and thats not fair ! Literly i I will start a petition about this because, me and probably many other summoner found outrages ! If you like this way, ok i respect that but i dont.
  13. In Easter Region Summoners are 1 of the highest dps class, thanks to wind or earth damage (elemental damage what gives alot of damage on our accassiories, and weapon) , and cause of that Ncsoft wants to nerf it. Ridiclious is 1 of the utility classes are the highest dps class in the game (khm, khm, Fire BM) perfect balance... And this is my question in KR and TW summoner the highest damage not here, and we getting the same DAMN nefred as they are SERISOULY ?!?!?! Our CLINET is 3-4 years far from KR version What the hell ? This is a joke ! Ncsof
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