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Broken Thorn Strike?


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I remember I used to be able to use Flying Nettles after Thorn Strike but after the Desolate Tomb update I am no long able to use Flying Nettles after using Thorn Strike?  The tool tip for Flying Nettles still says the requirements are: Upon Counter, T2 Rumble, Grasping Roots, Thorn Strike Poison, Power Pounce S2.  So what's changed?

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You most likely used the Stage 2 form of Thorn Strike.
That would apply the Poison Ivy poison, which enables the Flying Nettles.
They changed thorn strike in the patch. Stage 2 does no longer apply Poison Ivy, but instead heals you for 30% of the dmg it dealt, and healing your teammates hit for 5% health.
They also added a 4th stage with a KD so it's still possible to double KD reliably without HM skills. All stages apply 1 stack of bleed too now.

No longer applies Poison Ivy, Flying Nettles is made available because of Poison Ivy

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