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  1. Please fix dungeon lock outs

    Hey, thanks, I will give this a try on my next LFP. EDIT: Confirmed. In case anyone else who is as clueless as I was, the icon looks like this: If you hover your cursor over the icon it will display current progress.
  2. Please fix dungeon lock outs

    I know which progress bar you are talking about and I know exactly where it is located on the screen but I have never once seen that in the loiter area right before you enter the dungeon. I only see it after I enter and also hear the chime after entering. Not trying to make this up...
  3. Please fix dungeon lock outs

    Which part of the screen, may I ask, shows this progress? Because I honestly don't see it
  4. Please make it so that it locks you out only if you have actually killed the boss and not locking you out if you join someone else who has completed it. OR display dungeon progress before you enter. PLEASE
  5. Did a small test on Narrows

    This and some low levels are just plain slow... is their shift key broken or something? Some times they would just stand in a spot for 5+mins not moving (despite the path being cleared of trash). So it's alright for a low level to make 5 other people wait while it's not right to start without said person...
  6. So Bms now top dps

    I am guessing you have never faced Destroyers and their faceroll burst after the stomp stun? If you don't tab out it's pretty much game over at the same speed. In fact, most Destroyers who does this combo only require the press of 2 buttons. They hit their stomp, you get stuned, they hit their macro key, you dead. Feel free to save that escape for mind games that will never come.
  7. So Bms now top dps

    I simply don't understand why you people are complaining about this. There's an actual problem with a class doing more DPS in a PVE environment? Am I even reading this right? This is totally blowing my mind. More DPS = faster kills = faster clears and people are complaining... ok. You know what? BMs can come join my PT anytime, I don't care if they out DPS my summoner. I just want to clear stuff fast. NCSOFT: if this is the type of BS epeen measure the DPS meter brings then please just disable it.
  8. So Bms now top dps

    It's not like BMs are the only ones in PVP who can 100-0 someone (not to mention you can do the exact same thing with the lightning build even before the patch). And why no tab/escape out?
  9. Disconnected

    Was in the middle of Cold Storage and I got disconnected. Now my daily entry is on lock out even though I didn't complete the quest. This game is so retarded when it comes to dungeon lock outs it's not even funny.
  10. Broken Thorn Strike?

    @Yunim That must have been it, I was using Stage 2. It's now some what annoying for me to start my rotation with Weed Whack :(
  11. Broken Thorn Strike?

    I remember I used to be able to use Flying Nettles after Thorn Strike but after the Desolate Tomb update I am no long able to use Flying Nettles after using Thorn Strike? The tool tip for Flying Nettles still says the requirements are: Upon Counter, T2 Rumble, Grasping Roots, Thorn Strike Poison, Power Pounce S2. So what's changed?
  12. Average F2P player reaches 450+ AP now

    I have been playing since the game launched. Currently I am sitting at 490AP HM9 mainly because the grind became very tedious and I just lost the drive to do anything. So right now I just log in run Cold Storage and spend may be about an hour reading faction chat (it became a lot more interesting after the server links with more QQ) the log off. I have met some new players while leveling some alts but have not seen them after they reached level cap. The game just feels very unrewarding. Take the current event for example. In order to get the Silverfrost Growth Seeds you have to run Twisted Grimhorn Wilds, Gloomdross Incursion and The Shattered Masts. With the exception of Twisted Grimhorn Wilds, you will actually need gear to run the other two dungeons. So unless you are part of a clan with people who are willing to carry you instead of just steam roll the dungeon you are totally out of luck. A lot of these events are designed to make the already geared more powerful and the less geared getting nowhere. The same goes with the daily challenges. How many people can complete Asura, Shogun or Whirlwind with the casual AP? The market is totally controlled by gold sellers. Take Moonwater Tears for example. They are being sold in stacks of 50, 100, 200, etc. Who would actually farm this many manually? Many players would have no choice but to buy the Tears from the market because you need 15 to craft the Moonwater transformation stones. So the players feed the gold sellers and the gold sellers in turn sell the gold back to the players who are forced to buy items from the market at artificially controlled rates. Moonstones now drop from Mushin F14 and F15? Well isn't that great... only if you are already geared.
  13. Silverfrost Quartz Locations Farming

    The rich nodes were already heavily camped prior to the server link up now with the server links it's being camped by the campers from 3 different servers. So instead of having 1 rich node per server we now have 1 rich node for 3 servers. Good luck getting anything at all.
  14. NCSoft Incentive WTF?

    So instead of rewarding players who support the game, ie. Premium members, they give out incentives to those who gave up on Blade and Soul for whatever reason (the grind, the community, the lag, the game play, the disconnects, etc.)... that makes a whole lot of sense. It's not like they are giving a lot to the premium members in the first place. I mean pay to use the wardrobe while it's free in all other regions and you call that a premium incentive?
  15. Seems like you forgot about the Profane stage. You can clear the Lv50 content with the Profane upgrade. I am at Awakened Profane Stage 7 and have 365AP which can be used to clear BSH and I have seen people with True Inferno running BSH, it's not even a problem since more than likely you will have Lv50s in the group who are geared.