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  1. That was on purpose. The bells are supposed to be compensation for losing out on Tower of Memory while leveling, so people wouldn't be pressured into buying the 50 voucher. There was an error with the restrictions in Tower of Memory though, so any character lvl 16+ can still enter it, so the extra bells are now a bonus instead of a compensation.
  2. Absolutely this! 100 times this! I loved the infinite windwalking in Whirlwind Valley when it was released, I loved it in Beluga, I loved it in Celestial Basin, and I love it in MSP which I also did 1st time since patch today. Extending this further, could we have a last windwalking quest giving us infinite stamina everywhere? That would greatly substitute the "mounts" of other MMO's and would reduce alot of frustration when traveling other ways than Windstriding. I know NCWest isn't responsible for any direct development, but it's certainly an idea to bring to the KR devs. Would be
  3. Hi, I haven't been playing since Naryu Foundry was released and alot of new gear as arrived. So alot of questions following: How good are Earth and Wind Summoner atm? Thinking primarily in terms of PvE content, current and incoming. What Soul Badges should I get? How good is the BT and VT soul shields for each element (Heard MSP is comparatively better for Earth, 3 set BT is more important for wind, but should I get 8 set BT anyways in both elements) Which Mystic Badges should I get? Which Bracelet is the best? At what gear lvls should I start running BT? Irontech? VT? Scions? E
  4. Even after you hit lvl 50 you should continue with the story quests. It goes all the way to Act 7. Don't upgrade your weapon, on Wednesday you can get an unrefined legendary which will let you skip all the pre-legendary weapon upgrades. Do dungeons and pick up the "pinnacle X" accessories. Keep doing all the dungeons you can for daily gold. Start farming Desolate Tomb for the Necklace, Ebondrake Citaldel (for purple elemental accessory) and gold (the ring isn't that good, so skip it) Naryu Foundry for the belt and Forging Orbs and Naryu Sanctum for the Bracelet. The last 2 might
  5. It's not an error It's an intentional difference in the gems, don't know why. NCsoft confirmed like 6 months ago that the peridot was intentionally character bound while the rest was not, and that they would not change that. Valentines Event was also character bound, but that was the Hongmoon Brilliant Hexagonal Peridot.
  6. 8-set is BY FAR superior to a 5-3 split with Oblivion shields. The stats follow the same distribution, with MSP shields simply having higher values and better set bonuses. And combining the 8-set MSP with the upcoming blue badges from ToI will synergize fantastically. 8-set MSP is highly recommended for summoners. Few bosses move much at all, and even fewer move to the extent that it severely interrupt your nettles. The 7% Cdmg set bonus should under no circumstances deal more damage than your nettles, not even close. the upcoming change in Korea making our nettles deal all it's dmg i
  7. first of all: You are supposed to be 100% evading while in the air, it seems the CC's should miss in that case. And sometimes it does, I have read alot of "evades" while learning when classes count as "in the air" and when they are "no longer in the air". I have managed some hits on KFM in max agility as well, despite 99% of everything missing. I have to admit I'm not sure if this is a bug or a mechanic that is largely unintuitive and with no explanation from the game side. Second of all: It's not my intent to play with words, I just want to know exactly what you are saying, yo
  8. You are making 0 sense right now. what claim are you confirming with "yes, you are"? and what other cases? other games with pet classes? and of course, if you CC the control, we still got dmg, if you CC the dmg we still got the controller.
  9. Gonna have to ask you to clarify what you mean, your sentence doesn't have an unambigous meaning. The summoner is not equal in power to other classes, we have almost 0 CC, almost 0 iFrames, we are simply the damage of the class. The cat has a fair amount of CC, allows some iFrames, but deals basically 0 dmg. The control of the duo. If you wanna claim it's 1v2, then by that logic all other classes are 2 in 1, making it a 2v2, so back to square one.
  10. If you want to claim we are 2v1, then we should be as powerful as you in each of us. We are 2 halves, we split our dmg from our control. This means you need to play differently from other classes. Acting as all CC's affect our cat as well would severely decrease the skill needed to fight the summoner and actually make them useless from any PvP perspective, as they lack iFrames to avoid getting caught. You need to learn to fight summoner, it's not the same as fighting assassin, or FM, or SF.
  11. If anything is to be done, it's not the damage that'd need the fix. The biggest issue is that it's a "red" attack, so you can't block or counter it (just like multi-hit AoE's tend to work) and it can be used without any conditions, no CC's required or a debuff present for the huge damage. Not saying anything needs to be done, but if something is to be done, I think changes around the themes I mentioned would fare better than a simple damage nerf :)
  12. The issue is the huge difference in PvP build and Max dmg build, and the amount of excluisivity and off-trades. If you buff the FM's ability to deal dmg while keeping their PvP utility you risk them becoming insane monsters in PvP, if you let them keep their PvP utility in a max dmg build they also become monsters, or alternatively have no downside to their max utility build since they would be able to keep their damage. I believe you need a partial or full rework of either the PvP or PvE way of FM, to be able to let them participate with a healthy mix of their two sets. But this has not
  13. I can't provide you a quote saying this is the intent, but it's clear that's the design. I also never said it was the intent. The only way to give everyone equal chance at all content is to make every class the same or set a common bar so low everyone can reach the finish line. The latter is the case in PvE atm. For PvP this is basically impossible since the power of any class will be at the detriment of the other 8, then you factor in counter-matchups, population for each class etc. You can see how FM is the slow killer by looking at their skills. Sheeth, Ice Tab, both doing nothin
  14. Yunim

    wwv matching

    This is what you expect to be the case, in a working system. If you play against people with higher rank than you, still have a 70% winrate and lose points, how is that justified? And no, I didn't lose matches against much lower people, and no, my teammates weren't above their ranks either. Having roughly equal rating, but mine being on the lower side of the range, still attaining 70% winrate and those 30% losses are enough to outweight those 70% wins. Tell me how I'm the deciding factor there, should I obtain 85% winrate to gain rating at all? Wouldn't that kinda defeat the purpose of
  15. That's completely unrelated, not to mention false. FM's have issues in ToI not because their Dmg is low, but because they have to sacrifice pure dmg to get their control spells for PvP. FM is also designed to be a slow killer, which is horrible in ToI. If ToI had let you just start wherever you last lost FM would not be behind the others like at all, they just can't kill fast enough to get to their own floor + higher floors. Slashing summoner dmg this much in this patch is not defencible from a balance in EU/NA perspective. It's only happening because of the newest procs in KR, and eve
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