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Windrest dungeon (bug chest)

Maniac Pain

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 It's necessary to fix the chests you get in Windrest. I spent 15 Gold (3 chests) and got this items:

1 - 1 Experience Charm Fragment

2 - 1 Fortune Potion

3 - 1 Fortune Potion

These items not worth 1 silver > and I spent [15 GOLD]. >>>>>>>>>Are you joking<<<<<<<<<<
The same happened with my friend that spent 20 Gold. I dont see the point of make quests to waste money....Screenshot_160730_000.jpg

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Thoe pouches are a gold sink, sure u can get the items that sell for some more gold but they are RARE. This is just for gamblers and not worth it. There is nothing to fix there its designed to be RNG with very little chance to win. No bug, simple mechanics.


The quests are there for the skins you can get, the puches are just an extra add.

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First time, and I lose 15 gold that is why I comment, because you spend 5 gold and not get any good items (1 - frozen stinger, moonstone or soulstone)
I not will lose more money.(I will not throw my money away.)
only crap items not worth 5 gold that is what I think, but if you say OK good luck for you.(losing money.)

Skins???  this weapon skin is very ugly not worth my time too haha.

This NPC only sell crap items.

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