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Windows 10 and BnS.


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So I recently upgraded my pc from windows 7 to windows 10.

On windows 7 BnS worked perfectly, but windows 10 doesn't really want too.

After launching I immediatly get a crashreport.


Tried multiple solutions like reinstalling BnS, reinstalling windows 10 on a clean drive, updating drivers.

Also submitted a ticket to ncsoft and even though they are fast with replying, their solutions aren't working for me.


I'm not using hardware/sofware like Chroma Keyboard, running Razer Synapse, or Razer Chroma SDK.

I'm also not using any 3th party program to launch BnS.


Any other windows 10 user also got the same problem?

If yes, what did you do to help it?


Any suggestions to help this problem is appreciated.

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I'm guessing you are trying to play BnS right after window 10 upgrade.

Most likely, you will have to download and install DirectX 9 for the game.

I would do this first and if you are still having same problem, try to repair the game and re-install the game at same directory.


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