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  1. What's the problem with f9?

    Mats surely have lowered drop rate, like Elysians Orbs/crystals, used to get as much as moonstone crystals from running MSP+CC/DST multi, but now, it's nerfed to the ground... probably next they will nerf is sacred orbs(we use alot of it to craft+msp keys), atm they're still farmable, lets see next days...
  2. Maybe... Or not... Everyday i run DST or CC multi with friends, like alot(50+ runs) and we hardly see merchant there too, there has days we don't see a single one.
  3. What's the problem with f9?

    Or even better... the "whales", when they need gold, they buy it straight from other players.
  4. Ones you reach lvl 50

    Hello Cyberlord, i just hit Lv50 HM2 yesterday(i just completed Act 4 of story, will do Act 5-6 today). Actually i just upgraded my weapon to Oathbreaker Bangle Stage10(Playing FM), and the money i got til now i used to make Awakened Siren/Earring Stage10 and Oathbreaker Bracelet Stage10, also i could buy +28 Attack Power Gem / 170LifeDrain Gem.(I have some lucky, i got one Penguim Pet from NcSoft as gift of newsletter and transmuted it). Also, most of the gold i got i made while in Moonwater Plains, i spent one week there just farming this area and the 3 heroic dungeons, also crafting the Tempered Clay Refiner and selling it for some silvers renders alot of gold at the end... Also there has those moonwater seed u can transmute into life chest, transformation stones and moonwater has good chances to drop from it. At Silverfrost i won't do all the content now, i'll focus only at the dungeons that are easy to make 6 man mode like, Lair of the frozen fang, Necropolis, Yeti, Cold Storage, 24man instances(low populated now but u still can find some groups there), and surely will avoid the new recent released dungeons... Also i do all the world quests at Shiverstone Range. Doing it, you problably will be able to reach True Oathbreaker Weapon with 1 week or less depending on how much time you have to spare ingame, since the materials aren't too expensive, transformation stones are less than 3g now, soulstones will be hard to you cause SSP requires some AP(u can farm Elder Bulmu for 20ss and misty woods for 14ss = 34ss a day), said this, i bet with 3 days you can go from Oathbreaker to Awakened Oathbreaker and more 4 days to True Oathbreaker aswell, when you reach 480AP you should be good to do more dungeons. Don't forget to run Naryu Lab for Moonwater Soul, it grants +10AP(i still didnt made mine yet, waiting for Naryu Lab daily challenge to complete it) Thats what i'm doing/planing to do that i reached Silverfrost Area...Here is how my character is. Made everything myself, didnt got any help.
  5. Well, i just hit Lv44 few mins ago(I'm new to NA server, coming from TW), i made a search on forums and saw many ppl complain about Moonstone... I just dropped $70 bucks on store and got 200 moonstone, will be enough for True Breeze + Oath Bracelet and reach around 550AP easily when i finish store quest and make my upgrades
  6. Merry Potter Secret Technique - Moonwater

    It's about lucky... I have 150+ runs and got it like 8-9 times.(i run it for moonwater tears) That one is hard... I have near 80 runs in Dokumo and saw it only once!!!
  7. Prolonged maintenance

    What makes me upset is that they first spam on twitter saying it will be prolonged, before posting on forums..
  8. Windows 10 and BnS.

    As you just updated it, i advice you to download Nvidia drivers and reinstall it again. Will fix your problem.
  9. NCoin Card

    Hello, i'm new ingame and i'm trying to mail itens from my account to a friend's account, we're both new to the game, but seems like we need to make NCoin Purchase in order to enable this feature... I wonder if NCoin Card is eligible to enable it?