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  1. I'll take a guess, was it Perfect World ? :o
  2. Same thing here, I need to try til it works, however my friend don't have this problem.
  3. Looks fun, I need to try it =o
  4. Detailed Skill Changes?

    https://bnstree.com/BM Click on Options (on the top right) then KR Mode. Note that some information may be missing, but seems pretty much everything is there (including AP ratios).
  5. IIRC, they said it's never been seen in the game and it is highly anticipated. Can anyone tell me what's its supposed to mean ?
  6. Tips on building a PC!

    @Edensia I think you're mistaken, AFAIK R9 390X have similar performance to the GTX 980, not 1080. @InukamiZen I'd add a pcie-ssd to your build.
  7. Soloing Jinsoyun as WL?

    The pull/grab heal her for 3% hp twice, even if you resist it. You can CC her, to prevent her from doing it. Be careful of her following KD attack. When she says "What is this power ?", she will do a 4 or 5 hit combo, with the last knocking you up. During this combo, lightning AoEs will drop here and there. If you're knocked up she will do an air combo. After her combo, she will do the pull soon after, it is NOT always right after, sometimes she does more attacks, but get ready to CC her.
  8. Just continue the story, you'll have plenty when you'll reach max lvl. And then you'll have more ways to make golds =).
  9. Crafting is done through what they call 'guilds', to make it simple, you order things to some people (NPCs), and they make it for you. There are 7 crafting guilds and 7 gathering guilds, you can take 2 of each. Most crafting is useless and not worth, some are 'worth' but very little income. Then you have the 'safe' crafting guild, Merry Potters, always in high-demand, because what you can craft with those, are necessary for other crafts. You can earn a few golds per craft. Not much, but, you just did a few clicks. Then you have the 'risky' crafting, like Radiant Ring, you can spend a lot to craft a gem, but the gem type is random, if you're lucky you get the ones that are expensive, if you're not... you probably wasted all the mats you used for the crafting. -------------------- As for the transformation stones, they are not droppable, only craftable but they're also tradeable meaning you can buy them through the marketplace.
  10. http://eu-bns.ncsoft.com/ingame/bs/character/profile?c=Meliodesa&s=203 Seems like your char is on the EU region. It's fine, some people put the region select on the login screen, some does it later. There are a lot of people that didn't see the region box. Launcher could be improved in many ways.
  11. On the launcher, just above 'Start' there's a small box where you can change region : NA or EU. Also what's the name of your char so we can look online ?
  12. Quitting ? unlikely, I always play a mmorpg along other games. Slowing down / taking a break ? Probably, due to other games I will play.
  13. What class are you playing ? o.o I can do it fine even if he does it 3 times in a row. Not even using big defense skills. BM here, just iframe the pull and the knockback aoe, then block, after first hit, Cyclone, which put me in resist state, so even if ice falls on me I don't get hit (I also resist the second hit of his martial dance), then block after cyclone for 3rd and 4th hit. If i'm standing on ice, then I just Q because the ice debuff will proc and deals damage.
  14. ToI rewards?

    If you're lucky you get a bundle of 10 fragments, and you can get few more. Like bundle of 10 + 6. There's no daily. Season reward gives you some tokens too.
  15. You need to use some skills to make it appear.