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Is it just me?


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I haven't taken many classes beyond 15, except Warlock, which is freshly 24. I like how the skills look, how the playstyle feels in general. But my Warlock is a 100% duo with my wife and her Force Master. I have moved my skill points as much/far as I can and when we come up against bosses, She can very easily out damage me with equal gearing, when it comes to the first ever PvP I did in this, it was against an assassin and it wasn't even a close fight, I was literally just run circles around and spend most of the fight trying to following a hallow illusion of the player.


It's incredibly frustrating how weak and useless this class feels no matter what combo's I set up, they are infinitely slower coming off than her's. I played Summoner to 16 and my summoner feels like it could whip it's ass without trying nearly as hard. Does this change at some point? Right now my skill point layout is aligned on DragonCall and Dimensional Volley, with all the points spent. The pet feels nearly useless being stationary, calling it to you or pointing it to a spot with a cooldown longer than the thing even lasts.


I am trying really hard to like this class and even the game but this game makes the skills and what they do feel over complicated and not very straightforward, I need more control over my pet and I need some help or suggestions, because right now I feel like leaving over the lack of amount of support given to help understand what's going on and why it feels underwhelming,.


I was under the impression I picked a high DPS, but I spend most of my time blocking, chaning stuff down for my wife to kill it, otherwise I'm spamming Dimensional volley/Rupture because everything else is too slow to be worth it.

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Warlock is a powerful class in the endgame, but at beginner level, they don't shine as much as other classes. Their skills are very slow compared to FM's. Such you need 2.5s to cast dragoncall and not to mention its 18s cd, while FM on the other hand can throw 2~5 hits in that 2.5s without worrying about cd. So yes, there is a significant in dps comparison.


At low level and fighting quick battles, grunts, small bosses, casting 2.5s can be a major lost in dps if there are other people to compete against. In a long fight, I do prefer Dragoncall, but in quick one and outside dungeons fight, Helix is more convenient. Look at your "4" skill branch, the very right side is a complete different skill and require different gameplay. This build is great for mobility and tank (if you ever get agro), and works better with Dimensional Volley and largely dependent on your "V" skill which is Wingstorms.


At high level and with HM skill, that is when WL begin to shine and compete with other class in dps. At lower level... you just keep on getting to L.50. I've had plenty of time stealing agro from KFM and FM with higher attack than me so I know WL is far from incompetent in dps.


Thrall is a very situational pet. Depend on when and where you summon it will determine its usefulness. At low level, thrall won't be needed, but you can spec it with 2s taunt, which can give you enough time to cast a Dragoncall or your "3" skill. Other than that, I never summoned thrall until L.50 dungeons for its Gravity Well and buffing. If 10~15 mobs are coming your way, Thrall is your greatest ally and he will make you the #1 in pve mob wiping class. So don't judge it useless yet and try to figure out what you can do with him because there are plenty.


A short summary of my opinion on the class is this - Warlock is a slow paced class and got some downside to it. But it has utilities enough to make it rather Tanky for a range character and its AoE skills + buff making it one of the most reliable team player in the game.

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Thrall is a great supporter in the end. At lv 45 you can unlock Soulburn which gives 10 seconds buff, or Time Distortion which reset all cd, you can Bastion and resist everything for the good 15 seconds while spamming Dragoncall/ Helix. It also can throw enemy in the air, stun for 2 sec & act as a dummy/ take aggro while you're in dangerous situation.

Wingstorm is a major skill that will come later on with rotations that reduce cd time.

I was struggling with Warlock a lot at low levels but right now, it's really easy and fun to play.    

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