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  1. no, what im saying is that the sin failed to stealth and we all over the place and DIDN'T get rooted for the heaven breach. After the heaven breach, marker get rooted to the ground and you can't move, you will die if you stand right in front of boss. Of course nothing happen if you do mech right, this is just how we bs through it
  2. The mechanic is a bit forgivable, I run it with my friends and we kinda BS through it, the sin failed to stealth so they got knockback and didn't get rootedor heaven breach, but we somehow survived by BM HM block, marker job is to run away from boss because after the Heaven breach you will get rooted and die from red attack. As for sanctum, I put middle stage so i can daze him just in case they burned out their tab escape before we get suck in
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