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  1. What you do is to put up gold yourself, not buying the one that listed and pick the amount of coins that you want and wait. Players will use ncoin to buy your gold and what you receive is hm coin
  2. I have jin and lyn male alts and i loveee to buy outfits for them :D :D
  3. Is it true that DV build threat? I heard some people said it but i never seen it before, the only way i can take aggro is to out dmg everyone else and there's no tanker in the group.
  4. As long as you have the highest dps with no tanker in the group, any class can tank Not all, but a lot of big bosses have true sight, which allows them to see you in stealth, and some will have constant aoe that will knock you out of stealth so the only time I really in stealth while tanking is to stack poison or cc Once you get to a certain level with certain hm skills, dark build is awesome and lightning build is the squishy one
  5. Beside HM pellet, you have to eat some other food in order to get the skill, you can find them in achieve merchant or dragon express
  6. Oh thank you so much, that's a really good tip because the adds keep hiding under the boss and we can't target it. But I'm kinda understand it's hard for some classes to keep the web because their dmg come a lot from lmb and you can't help but accidentally hit it
  7. Wait, you can web Magolka to prevent 5 hits when you failed to kill 2 adds?
  8. I main WL and I wouldn't choose WL as an alt, especially you main BM, them 2 are just too expensive You can't play WL without dragoncall book, which is the most expensive out of all bsh books, and then asura ember come in with huge boost of dmg, you also requires high crit if not using dark build or the rotation is just awkward On the other side, you don't need legendary to work WL, I out dmg a lot of other WLs with legendary lower stages or other classes with higher ap I love WL, I think it's fun but a bit costly for an alt
  9. It happens to us also, especially at night when people getting weird The only reason why I kick people is because people with 450 came into 600 room, i'm okay with about 50 ap below but if they're too low, i will assumed that they expected to get carry. I don't mind if they ask for help and that they know mech, but just randomly come in is just annoying. They just came back into the room in speed of light, i don't even know how you can do that. In the end we get traumatized and just come in other room or run it later.
  10. Ah thank you so much, I never knew there's certain lvl requirements to eat the items
  11. Im just wondering is there a certain level you need to have in order to get hm skills? What if I want to get hm skills for my lvl 20 character? Obviously not the one that requires achieve like bsh but like the retrieved hm secret technique, or even offals?
  12. no, what im saying is that the sin failed to stealth and we all over the place and DIDN'T get rooted for the heaven breach. After the heaven breach, marker get rooted to the ground and you can't move, you will die if you stand right in front of boss. Of course nothing happen if you do mech right, this is just how we bs through it
  13. The mechanic is a bit forgivable, I run it with my friends and we kinda BS through it, the sin failed to stealth so they got knockback and didn't get rootedor heaven breach, but we somehow survived by BM HM block, marker job is to run away from boss because after the Heaven breach you will get rooted and die from red attack. As for sanctum, I put middle stage so i can daze him just in case they burned out their tab escape before we get suck in
  14. I see 600+ exp, know mech recruitment for Tower of Memory so...
  15. Ehh... before the event, you need to do a tons of matches in order to gather all the tokens for it (there was no battle frenzy) so by the time you got all the tokens, you should have more than enough wins to get it, it's just that the tokens are ridiculous and people never bother to click on it and see the requirement, I think it's fair.
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