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Scummoners&Sins Really?


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i have a just one question "WHY THE *cricket* BNS DONT SEE SCUMMONERS&SINS IN ARENA" im not bad pvp player like 1700-1750 i know not too much but anyway bm & bd is hard ok they just use 1 air combo skill its annoying, kfm if you use your skill wrong time its okey he can 1 shot you thats not fair okey, destro spin stun win :D if u dont have tab and ss one shot too, BUT SCUMMONERS and SINS really ? i try to stop pet he go to pet and w8 on it i try to kill pet cant too many def skills and i cant spend my burst on him i attack him he open def i grap him he goes invis and go to other side of map every time when i try to hit him he have something to defence and TOO MUCH HEAL REGEN pls im begging you pls do something about it...sins nothing to say sometimes in all game i cant even see them i have impact skill but if i cant find them with my 1 im *cricket*ed all the time, we have 5 sec to hit them can we ? ofcourse not they kite and invis again, they like bm+bd+sum omfg :S our stun skill need 3 charge chill than u can stun if u *cricket*ed 50ms there goes the stun chain. im no pro maybe i do somethings wrong i know cause cant help it low gear pc, 4-5mb internet and my country have very big problem to outcountry servers like we have 70ms sometimes 1 sec delay :S i shouldnt pls this game acctually :D never mind if anyone can help me pls tell me tell me if there is something wrong in my writing.. and sorry for my english if its bad im *cricket*ing angry too muchhh i chance my mouse 2 time broke it :S

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Hello mate i main a sin also yesterday i got to 45 with my alt fm.

1)maining a sin when i play arena with my fm vs sin i win 99% of the time u could say i know sin how he works though im noob fm .

Ok some tips if u shoot a spell n sin use decoy n go stealth u should fast turn n impact him.

Cause when sin is counter he stealth behind enemy.

The important thing is to freeze him n get ice orbs so if he hit u he want gap close u.


Try bait his decoy dont just spam if he waste decoy u have 8 secs to burst him.

Decoy 8 sec cd smoke screen 30 sec .

U need to have patience not spam skills on his decoy keep him rooted.

Also i found useful grost armor that when u remove deal freeze so if sin is near u when ur in frost armor remove it n u get him out of stealth.

Also use cold snap cant be decoyed or smoke screen.

I cant give u advise as to what combo to use cause im new n noob fm.

If u want to ask anything else ill happy come n reply


Ps fm vs sin match is in fms favore xd

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^ pretty much this


You're a FM, You are the hard counter of a sin. All you really need to do is save your frost orbs and when he hits you, bam frozen. Your go to skills are Ice Snap, Heatwave, RIng of Fire, Impact. These skills are useful because the SIn can't approach you carelessly without blowing his stealth. Don't just mindlessly shoot or you're just throwing him into stealth state. impact can be spammed so try that to get him out of stealth, if he is visible, throw ice snap down. don't throw all 3, throw one and if he runs, then throw them. Space them out so that he can't decoy. if he uses smoke screen just pull him out with grab. the match will start with him going invis, and probably trying to blind you so be careful of that. 


Summoners aren't your hard counter, but you aren't theirs either. this match can be determined by player skill. A smart summoner know what to do to get through a FM. make sure tab into grab and only use it if the cat grabs you. you don't want to be grabbed because if you do and you can't get out, thats at least 40% of your HP. Ice veil and frost sheath work hand and hand. use it to heal cause the cat will just keep hitting and smnr won't see it until too late. another good tactic is if they use petal storm, go inside of it and use veil and sheath there, it'll hit you once or twice and cat may still be hitting you. to get a nice heal boost. Smnr can be really easy, if you outplay the player or really difficult. The more you know your class the better


and ofc, try to learn the opponents class, and know what they can and can't do, when they can and can't do it. knowing that gives you a big advantage over a lot of players. FM is a good class, it just takes more patience and knowledge of your class and opponents class to use it to it's best.

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The real trick with summoners I find is trying to work your way around the cat. The cat is the ultimate tool of distraction, and if it can keep up with you, you're in for some serious trouble. The second that the cat has you grabbed and you already blew your tab, then you may s*** yourself because it's GG for you. 


Now the real problem we FMs have against them is the fact they're basically invincible. If you're unlucky and they get Seed Shroud off, they can easily get to the other side of the arena and maybe even heal a bit. True Friend is also annoying AF, in arena (but a life saver otherwise), just pray that they don't have it spec to invincibility and HP recovery. And then there's the cat. You have to burst down the cat fast. If you don't deal the 20k damage fast enough, the cat will enter invincibility mode and heal, meaning all your work will slowly be erased, which is the worst thing about Summoners. They're almost a hard counter to FMs now, which is rekindling a deep sense of hatred to them. 


While yes FMs are good against an assassin, if the assassin spends the entire match running away and cloaking, you loose. Doesn't matter which class you are, cowards are OP in the arena sadly. I did suggest a system to make that impossible, but it was rejected pretty fast. So we'll have to deal with cowards who love the stealth button (assassins and summoners both). Granted there are a few assassins who don't really use the stealth mode much (I applaud you for being good without it), but still they're very reliant on it.


BTW a lil FM secret: We can disable their stealth counters using snowball.

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