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  1. here i am thinking someone jacked my account cause pw was wrong, forgot it was wednesday (maint day)
  2. reason i waited for 60 was because someone told me to just open them all at once, apparently it helps with the RNG and your sanity
  3. Waited and waited for this, and it came out much better then i expected Don't mind the gold </3
  4. This is a good and bad thing in my opinion. Good because yes, it does help with faction imbalance a bit and makes the game a bit more competitive. It makes the servers more a live as well and gives people more of a reason to gear. It gives people with clans and clan costumes a really big boost in motivation to fight the other faction because of clan rank and clan out, this goes both ways though. The bad in this comes in when one side completely dominates the other. people will just flood to the other side to get their dailies done and all will go back to normal. people will be more pissed off
  5. That is pretty straight forward in my opinion. Certain classes do need build adjusting like, BD and destro need tornado for anti-spin while BMs, KFM, WL need snowball for anti-block. The other piece of advice that hasn't been said and that is that you have to learn what other classes can and can't do. there are some classes that you can mindlessly shoot and there are some that you can't. each class will always play out differently than others, including when your vs a fm. and yes, FM PvP is a bit hard at the moment but when you know that your opponent can't react to your stun locks, it's kind
  6. at this point you do kinda need to be in a clan to pretty much level on smooth ground, if you aren't though than you are in for a hell of a ride. my friend leveled a FM and i helped a lot and now she's at say 500 ap. That's nice considering that people in xserver let her dgns like necro, yeti, lair without making a big deal out of it. But i got this other friend in another server who pretty much gave up because our timezones were different and i couldn't help him out as much as my clan mate. of course this is a mmo and it won't be just handed down to you. however, it does come to a point where
  7. In my personal opinion i would say don't come. Why? The game itself isn't a bad game, it really isn't. Ofc you'll have the RNG issues and the p2w events but you don't have to spend money in this game to get to a decent standing, it's just time and effort that's all. But that right there is also a problem, this game is very time consuming. i know mmos are supposed to be time consuming but this game is so time consuming that it kind of penalizes you hard for not spending time into it. there's a whole lot to do, and if you can't play a whole lot then i wouldn't recommend it. The other issue is t
  8. you could always buy them from AH if you get lazy
  9. I've been experimenting, and burn build would probably work better in actual PVP then in infinity tower because of the constant CD and mass spam of CD. and despite us having the highest damage in game, we can't dish it out as fast as other classes would. Maybe with the upcoming HM skills we would probably do more damage.
  10. you obtain orbs from other skills as well if specced into it. Skills like Frost Tornado, Short Fuse, Ice palm, Glacial Beam, Flame Palm can all create orbs. And VS an assasin just try to keep frost orbs up so they freeze them selves and you can possibly start a combo
  11. if that was the case i would just put be VS warlocks. and im sure BMs would put just VS FMs
  12. Let's talk about the 2 new modes available to use. What do think about them. Have you tried them? Was it fun? what was the highest floor you got in infinity tower and highest level in arena? Did you use PvP build or PvE build? For me, it was a surprise to see this type of thing here, i didn't think infinity tower would be like that, i thought it was bosses not classes and i didn't even know about Trial arena. It really mixes everything that i worked on and puts it to the test. Pve gear and PvP knowledge vs the classes and it does incite me to level my gear more so that
  13. but i wonder what *cricket*ing hoops they'll expect us to jump through just to get it
  14. i'm not saying that this company is the best.but this is f2p and they're allowed to have a in game cash store because some money has to be made otherwise they close the game and move on to the next. yes i do agree that putting a reset on tower is kind of dumb. But from the looks of it you can make some serious progress from it and apparently you can buy stuff for cheap and stuff that would be harder to come buy. Even though, it may me dumb and im sure that a lot of players don't agree to it, i sure didn't because i was looking forward to a new tower, but sometimes things like this will happen
  15. see if this wasn't a free to play game and you had to pay to even play the game, this type of reaction would be understandable. However, all free to play games will have some type of payment and market they have to keep up in order to stay afloat. I haven't tried this myself because i won't be home until a little while longer, but from what i seen so far, you don't need to spend 1 *cricket*ing cent in this game. sure, everything will take longer to get but in reality, you can make gold by not even having to spend money. People like OP want it quick fast and in a hurry when there is no *cricket
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