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Best/Worst PVE DPS class.

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Have anyone checked which class has the most damage output per second? Do summoners deal any good dmg at all beside they are good tanks?

Most people say BD is the worse but with soulburn and other buffs for focus regen, i noticed that i can deal great dmg using lightning draw. What class do u prefer to have in your party?


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Most def, a sin and a warlock.


The sins ability to stealth an entire party for a short time can help a group bypass some mobs when you run Poh, or BSH, or anywhere that mobs are more op than in 24man and are just a general nuisance if you're still in lower levels.


The WL's Soulburn is a definite help in boss battles. Not only can you repeat your longest cooldown AoE attack as soon as it activates, but if you meet the conditions you can spam others over and over again(for FM's, this means repeat dual dragons back to back for the duration). AND it increases the damage of said attacks - EX: my Dual Dragon normally hits for 12-17k, under soulburn on the same enemy it hits for 26-32k. I assume it could hit for 34k, but 32k is highest I've seen.


Most BD's problems is that they are too reliant on Spin2Win, which does damage for a bit...but gobbles up focus and leaves them helpless.


Edit: Warning- if you're not used to dodging attacks or can't tank, learn. Because once you start dealing out high DPS, you will become the bosses priority. This applies to every class. But more particularly ranged classes, because we get to stay out of the way most times. So until we level up, we don't know what its like.

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If I live in a world where my parties are all very competent people, I will like a few Sins for dps, a BM for both dps and tanking, one summoner for the occasional taunt off and heals.


But I don't live in such a world, I play in BnS NA.


With the average community skill level (there are the occasional outstanding ones, but that's not average):

My choice would be FM, Summoner, FM, Summoner, FM, Summoner and so on... And maybe 1 Destroyer for grabs! But nvm, i'll stick to simple cat grabs for now...

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