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  1. Best/Worst PVE DPS class.

    If I live in a world where my parties are all very competent people, I will like a few Sins for dps, a BM for both dps and tanking, one summoner for the occasional taunt off and heals. But I don't live in such a world, I play in BnS NA. With the average community skill level (there are the occasional outstanding ones, but that's not average): My choice would be FM, Summoner, FM, Summoner, FM, Summoner and so on... And maybe 1 Destroyer for grabs! But nvm, i'll stick to simple cat grabs for now...
  2. @Divum @xGriffin Hi everyone! Sorry for not checking here much, it doesn't appear on my notifications D: Anyway we are still active in Hajoon, with ~20 members online on most nights. We are currently clan rank 11, and have ~10 slots open right now for new members. [Guild Affinity] is recruiting all SG/MY players. We have no AP requirements, not because we suck, but we believe your activity in the guild is more important than some game based numbers! We are a mature community with mostly working adults and some students, our most active times are 8pm to 12am++ daily. Running ssp and big3 and more, daily. We have began crafting mats for our [Clan Outfit]! The design is still being voted on, so if you join now, you have a say and can submit your design for voting too! Preparation for Sogun (otherwise known as Jade Palace for other region) has began, we have experienced players from other servers etc that will greatly help you with mechanics! For hardcore players looking for people to farm Sogun with, we have members 550-600ap who are more than comfortable clearing 4men available to us now. For casual players, we have casual members that simply wants to run ssp/beastbog/basin/misty and play at their own pace. Even if you aren't rushing content, there is something here for you too! Do pm [Distance] or myself [Sero] ingame if you are interested! You can talk to our current members as well to be redirected to us or our Veterans. See you ingame! Sero
  3. Remove weapons from Soulstone Plains

    Yes please remove them, it isn't the best solution. But it is the quickest solution to the ssp hacker feast right now. It is understood that game coding cannot be easily changed to fix the hacks being used currently, but at least take the damn weapons away so they don't wipe us out in mere seconds. Everyone does SSP for dailies, hackers existing there is equivalent to disrupting all player life.
  4. You need to know this, so please click in

    I have no idea which part of my entire reply gave you the entire I am 'totally satisfied' and 'totally surrender' with/to what NCwest did, I just gave assumptions to why they don't bother to give us the kind of treatment like in other servers. Why do you sound so hurt lol
  5. You need to know this, so please click in

    Because NCwest knows demographics. They know English version attracts such a huge crowd, they can do away with some effort, and still reap an impressive player-base. KR and TW has a much smaller and more competitive market. To retain players in that market, they have to be much more generous with benefits + ease of life tools. In NA/EU, there isn't much competition right now, WoW and GW2 have 'aged' Skyforge killed itself after 1/2 a year, ToS is a grindfeast not for everyone, BD is just a character photoshop tool, FFXIV has it's own fan base and p2p structure, not targetting the same market Wildstar lol Terra is so yesterday There is little to no competition here. They can do what they want, and still keep us here. We have nowhere to go if we want MMORPGs in international version. Therefore there is little to no need for giving us additional benefits or sweet icing. Just the typical stuff will do.
  6. @all these elitists in BnS

    Firstly, if you dared to bring an Infernal Weapon, to any of the Big 3 purple dungeons right now. No matter how skilled you are, you can never fulfill your portion of the DPS for the boss fights. And all 3 bosses have enrage timers. If you are missing the AP requirement by a small bit (~30ap), I'm sure some will actually see the fact that you are plat/diamond pvp and give you a chance. But no one is expected to do so. The reason for this is there is no 'skill gauge' for people to rate your skills in this game. Instead of gambling on that 'skilled' player with poor gear. People want to get a certainty, which is decent gear. If one can get 470AP right now, no matter how bad a player he/she is, just mashing some buttons will contribute a significant amount of damage. The run isn't ruined. He can die to mechanics, sure, but that only comes usually at the middle-end point of the fight (Scorpion stomp = middle-end, Yeti ice only gets dangerous past 50%, snake just a dps race) If one has only 400AP, it is going to depend a lot on his 'skill level' to actually contribute sufficiently to the run. Why risk it? Just wait in lobby for 5-15mins for a higher AP player, and lower your risk of a failed run entirely. No one is doing charity here, definitely not NA/EU players, definitely not on cross-servers. No one is expected to 'give you a chance to prove yourself, with low gear' at the cost of 30mins-1hr of their time. Oh... and I have never gotten to doing cross-server for any of the new big 3 yet, but from what I can see from pre-made runs, I sure as hell won't pull in a 400AP and below for any runs should I attempt cross-server. Too much of a wipe risk.
  7. A little market info for those that read this, STS will maintain around 20g ea, that's the stabilized market price in other servers, whose mats cost about the same as ours right. Unless of cos, as seen before 50 patch, NA/EU seems to love undercutting to the point of cost > profit. Then maybe we can see <20g STS
  8. Should BM Buy their Lighting Draw vol 2. NOW?

    That is not how you ask others for advice. Social skills 101
  9. First Scorpion NA level 50

    Here, I'll post all the possible comments you can get for such a post. Nice ones: Great job! That was really fast? What is your AP right now? Such dedication, I can't even run SS plains without getting infuriated with the terrors! Amazing! I can't even get to XXX tier weapon and you are done? Rude ones: LOL, and you came here to post about it? Seriously? You finished the new gear progression in a week? What for? Go away, get a life Salty ones: You probably bought your way there with RMT or HM coins lawl. And what did you achieve for getting the weapon first? Oh please~ How much did you spend? Did you sell your car? There we go, enjoy!
  10. Nerf the Summoners

    It's because of the community that plays BnS NA/EU. When people here encounters a frustrating situation, such as losing to something, the usual response would be ask the 'authorities' to fix it. Instead of putting in the effort to get around it. 'Daily grind is too much, nerf' 'Drops are bad, fix it' 'Got pk'ed while doing dailies, fix it' 'Mushin tower is too hard, nerf it (only 8 floors till now)' 'I hate gear/hp check, fix it' 'Terrors in plains are too strong, nerf pls' 'scummoners are 2v1, nerf pls' 'assasins can stealth + attack, kite us, wait for for timeout, nerf pls' 'des can 100-0 with ani-cancel, nerf pls' 'BM has more cc than any other class, 11 of them, and 100-0, nerf pls' 'BD has amazing air-combo, lightning draw, grip+blades, nerf pls' 'Warlock can 100-0 with 2 dragoncalls, nerf pls' 'KFM can stunlock and 3RF insta-kill, nerf pls' And the list goes on... And when a kindred spirit on the forum comes and gives advice, or a workaround method. The usual response is 'go away pro, we aren't like you, we have rl, we just want to login and enjoy. We want to faceroll content/ppl, but if vice versa, nerf/fix pls'
  11. Crit going down after each level up

    There is a chart out there, showing the required crit values for 50% crit, at level45 and at level50. Maybe someone can find it and show this guy
  12. [New Weapon Path] 50 update

    i'll hand this to you, on a silver platter, try and guess the chinese words. For those that have Stage 10 TRUE PIRATE, you can match word for word, quantity for quantity, gold for gold, to see our new weapon path following TW. (by looking at your breeze upgrade in the game right now) If you know a little chinese, good for you. No google translate since it's image Official NCsoft TW (soon to be ours) new weapon path, with all material requirements/cost: (click on the 2nd tab, 1st tab shows legendary weapon path) *maybe someone nice will translate it for others in the forum?
  13. Continued Weapon & Accessory Upgrade Path

    Actually that is not china's path. China didnt do it that way, and China had the Legendary in Nayru Lab, we don't. That is TW's path (which explains why it is also in chinese characters), and NCsoft NA/EU staff have hinted at many times, we are more or less following the TW model. Because many of us are afraid of the patch that might come and blow resource prices apart in market, a lot of time have been spent time and effort on researching on the possibilities. And this weapon path is the best conclusion we can come with, with the highest possibility. It is fine if you still wish to refute everything, but do not mislead others.
  14. With new Silver Frost have a class balance?

    If I am not wrong, we have the latest class balance patch, there isn't another out there. And KRs do the balancing, not NA/EU NCsoft. The only form of 'balancing' we get is some classes getting a lot better with the increase in skill points from lvl50 and HM10 (namely BM), making it looks like they got buffed. And some classes not benefiting much at all from more skill points (FMs/Smns), making it looks like they got nerfed. Trust me, BMs will be the next 'OMG nerf pls, they steamroll, faceroll in arena wtfbbqomfg' spam threads we will see next.
  15. RIP Profile Gifs

    People and censorship. In a rated 'M' game with undergarments everywhere nip slips on some costumes 'We simply find nudity in character profiles offensive! This is not allowed!' - says Anonymous I get it, if you force namechange for people with offensive names (racist etc.) as that might really offend some personally. But I fail to relate, how seeing some nudity, or moving gifs. The whole game revolves around the 'sexuality' topic, everything is 'sexualised'. In fact, it was already done so on the <Character Creation> screen. And people are actually offended by sexual content, in a game with sexual content? Really now...