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  1. If I live in a world where my parties are all very competent people, I will like a few Sins for dps, a BM for both dps and tanking, one summoner for the occasional taunt off and heals. But I don't live in such a world, I play in BnS NA. With the average community skill level (there are the occasional outstanding ones, but that's not average): My choice would be FM, Summoner, FM, Summoner, FM, Summoner and so on... And maybe 1 Destroyer for grabs! But nvm, i'll stick to simple cat grabs for now...
  2. @Divum @xGriffin Hi everyone! Sorry for not checking here much, it doesn't appear on my notifications D: Anyway we are still active in Hajoon, with ~20 members online on most nights. We are currently clan rank 11, and have ~10 slots open right now for new members. [Guild Affinity] is recruiting all SG/MY players. We have no AP requirements, not because we suck, but we believe your activity in the guild is more important than some game based numbers! We are a mature community with mostly working adults and some students, our most active times are 8p
  3. Yes please remove them, it isn't the best solution. But it is the quickest solution to the ssp hacker feast right now. It is understood that game coding cannot be easily changed to fix the hacks being used currently, but at least take the damn weapons away so they don't wipe us out in mere seconds. Everyone does SSP for dailies, hackers existing there is equivalent to disrupting all player life.
  4. It's because of the community that plays BnS NA/EU. When people here encounters a frustrating situation, such as losing to something, the usual response would be ask the 'authorities' to fix it. Instead of putting in the effort to get around it. 'Daily grind is too much, nerf' 'Drops are bad, fix it' 'Got pk'ed while doing dailies, fix it' 'Mushin tower is too hard, nerf it (only 8 floors till now)' 'I hate gear/hp check, fix it' 'Terrors in plains are too strong, nerf pls' 'scummoners are 2v1, nerf pls' 'assasins can steal
  5. Actually that is not china's path. China didnt do it that way, and China had the Legendary in Nayru Lab, we don't. That is TW's path (which explains why it is also in chinese characters), and NCsoft NA/EU staff have hinted at many times, we are more or less following the TW model. Because many of us are afraid of the patch that might come and blow resource prices apart in market, a lot of time have been spent time and effort on researching on the possibilities. And this weapon path is the best conclusion we can come with, with the highest possibility. It is
  6. What @Azuriel said is totally true. To answer OPs question: Given a training dummy with X hp, not retaliating back, sins will get the TOP DPS medal. BUT nothing in the entire game of BnS has a training dummy boss that refuses to fight back. So the top dps goes to summoners and FMs. And right now, with our current patch, FMs hold the PvE TOP DPS medal, because summoners haven't get their Rosethorn HM skill and is chi-starved right now.
  7. The koreans and chinese and japs have all done it, no need to buy it from him if you can google a little
  8. FM both dps and util better. DPS reasons: Warlock needs that HM skillbook, even then, they do not outperform FM in terms of raw damage. So if you don't even have that skill book, a good WL will not out dps a good FM. (assuming you are proficient in both, and play burn FM with new patch dragonblaze). Utility reasons: FM have divine veil (blocks range for team) and Freeze, that invuls the team against big damage. Even in current content, FM's with good awareness can save entire teams with a good freeze time (example: CCs on cooldown for Mane and no one can stop that a
  9. Hi everyone, we are currently capped out at the moment. The next guild upgrade would cost 50G+310Soulstone to increase member size, so we won't be able to expand any time soon T.T We have 20+ of our members capped 45 and are running Faction/ Big 4/ Poh 24men / Poh 6men daily. Majority of our player base are adults and you would see most activity during late afternoons till midnight~ GMT+8. We are doing weekly checks to filter out those who are hardly online etc. If we do open up more slots, we will leave an update here. Thank you for all your interests, we
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