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  1. Swarm or Thorn top tier?

    Was recently checking whale/top summoners on EU and I see they all switched to Swarm with the new badge after May 15 update. Is it really that worth and now better than Thorns?
  2. Skill Updates are Coming

    Wow. Summoner is getting nerfed to the ground and beyond. Tab does double stun no more! Pin time - nerfed Overflow - nerfed Doom'n'Bloom - nerfed Bleed - nerfed Worst pvp class now becoming even worse in pvp and bad AF in pve. RIP summoner.
  3. Which hongmoon skills will be worth getting as summoner?

    shroud you can get from chapter 1 + chapter 2. Awesome for pvp, giving you free 3 sec sunflower spam. Decent for pve. Wheed wack from asura + cs is mainly also a pvp skill, sucking all oponents chi. Pve wise it gives 3x the damage with poison. But imo not woth 1k gold. Next big skill will be V for cat, allowing it to be use twice or bomb twice. Ez double knock down.
  4. Summoner looking for party.

    Looking for a good party to farm any current and upcoming 4-man content. Here is my summoner Pm me ingame, on forum here or in discord Egoraptor#8056

    Summoner is the bottom tier of korean pvp ladder. Git gud.
  6. About those extra stingers...

    10 runs after patch. Never saw more than 2 in 4-man and more than 0 in 6-man. Anyone else?
  7. Another problem. Yay!

    I know the solution. Unload debugger from your memory and restart blade&soul.
  8. Summoner's double stun and beckon?

    Smn is one of the best for ccing yeti. You have c+2 with cooldown of only 18 sec. You can even cc yeti twice between heat phazes. The only thing you should do is care about your cat not being knocked down. 2 ways of doing it: - Tount with q right before jump, then tab it once to get closer to boss after it jumps. - Just SS once right before boss lands down. SS gives your cat 2 secs of total immunity. Pet will auto follew the boss having immunity to damage and knock down. Even if someone else is tanking and there is no need to evade, i just ss right to the direction of boss landing on tank, so my cat gains immunity+ i am getting closer for daze with 2. Use 2+c and the party is fine.
  9. Adverts for BnS

    Modern context ads will show you the content you visiting or searching info about the most. That's how web ads work in past few years. If you dare searching "buy a chair", every damn website will advertise you a chair with a banner.
  10. Summoners so bad @ yeti

    Music name please?
  11. *heavy breathing*

    You just invest in keys. Thousands of trove keys. Those 630+ opened like 5k+ event boxes.
  12. *heavy breathing*

    625? Pfffff nub
  13. Best/Worst PVE DPS class.

    Best party: fm, kmf, wl, sin.
  14. 2.1 Shattered Empire – 4/28 Livestream Questions

    Any plans on implementing dps meter? Maybe based on community voting?