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  1. Was recently checking whale/top summoners on EU and I see they all switched to Swarm with the new badge after May 15 update. Is it really that worth and now better than Thorns?
  2. Wow. Summoner is getting nerfed to the ground and beyond. Tab does double stun no more! Pin time - nerfed Overflow - nerfed Doom'n'Bloom - nerfed Bleed - nerfed Worst pvp class now becoming even worse in pvp and bad AF in pve. RIP summoner.
  3. Upgraded to win10. Stutters are gone. Directx12 seems like doing its job pretty well.
  4. Why do I need msi afterburner if you don't use it in your guide? Setting up riva tuner with suggested options didn't help at all. Nothing changed. Stutters are the same.
  5. You can see at the start of the vid. He actually hit.
  6. I can also see you don't have daze on 2. Pretty nice to have it.
  7. party stealth is enchaced seed shroud (4+f). Trinket... have no clue wtf is it. Probably shield with X.
  8. FPS stuttering is back right after gameguard is back. How will you fix it? My i5 6600k, gtx 960, 16gb ddr4 ram PC was giving stable 120 fps. Starting yesterday gameguard implementation I am at 56 fps, which stutters to 45 fps every 5 seconds. Win 8.1.
  9. Just remade a more precise one. For all the Game Of Thrones fans!
  10. 1) Tab(stun) ->Tab(pounce) -> F(drum'n'base)+2(thorn with damage to weed wack)+rmb/lmb -> F(nettles)+Q(tount)+rmb/lmb -> 1 I prefer to never start with 1, because many bosses will punish you for the first hit and getting agro. Better it will be the cat. 2) Holding down RMB while having buff barely works unless you live next door to the game servers in Germany and have like 10-15 ping. In any other case just spam it. During 5 sec buff you're able to land like 8-9 hits with 60-70 ping.
  11. Nothing to show off but here is Nicki and her Minajes
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