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  1. The bye bye post.

    I know, I know...everyone is expecting something dramatic. Denied. Against my better judgement, I logged in yesterday because I was bored. After an hour, I only found myself more bored than when I started. So that's it. No endless list of the tremendous failures of this company. No complaints about how unsafe and untrustworthy they are. Just meh. I don't wanna play a game to just be "meh". Uninstalled. PS: Don't forget to post your trolly responses below: "K", "BYE", "wish u wuck in ur future endeavors", etc...because I won't be back to read them. This whole place bores me enough to almost vomit. This includes the community.
  2. Player compensation for dirty GMs.

    Meh... you're probably right. My faith in NCWest is measured as a negative right now. The only compensation I was really looking for was for the people of this company to do their dam jobs. But that's the MOST unlikely thing to happen. There's no actual compensation they can give me that will make me login again. Promises they can make? they've already broken every one. And for anyone and everyone reading this, remember - this is how they'll handle the rest of their lineup too. Aion, Guild Wars, WildStar, Lineage, and all their sequels, all come from this smoldering crater of a toilet of a company.
  3. Player compensation for dirty GMs.

    Be sure to read the post from the CM about...actually its best you read the whole thing... before they take it down. so you can truly understand what kind of company you're dealing with here. Rukkirii NCSOFT 644 posts Posted yesterday at 5:07 PM · Report post Last night, we received reports that there were characters in game that had items that aren’t available in our game. We found that two of our support agents were using our tools in an unauthorized manner. The items no longer exist on the accounts and we will be resolving the staff matter appropriately and internally. It is against our internal policy for items to be created for personal characters. We’ve also received a report regarding a potential item duplication issue and while we take every matter seriously, with a deeper look, we discovered that the video was recorded on an illegal server. We caution players to be careful of downloading unofficial programs. We do appreciate the community reports and will investigate accordingly. We hope this clarifies what we’ve experienced today. Please continue to send potentially game breaking or game concern issues to us directly.
  4. Player compensation for dirty GMs.

    Wow. I honestly didn't think there would be anyone so dense they couldn't see the intent of my post: To shame this company into handling this game better, instead of serving as an example to the entire gaming community of how NOT TO> I stand corrected.
  5. We, the players, have no idea how long this has been going on. But with this, in addition to the MOUNTAIN of other issues, how do you expect players to ever trust you again? I can't for the life of me think of ANY other mmo that has EVER been in as deep a pile of shit as this company is now. Its not as though the toxic community isn't enough to make players want to quit. But total lack of control over this game? And now lack of control over your own employees? In past mmo's, when there have been random system glitches that caused players a loss, players were compensated. In one way or another. But that was for small things: random disconnects, incorrect values allied to certain gears. And the compensations were small, befitting the failure. This is huge. Enormous. Internal scandal affecting players. The outright truth of the matter is that you don't deserve a second chance. You deserve to have the rights of this game stripped from your company and given to another company who knows how to do the job and can be trusted. The current staff certainly can't. As far as I've seen there is not one single issue with this game where this company has succeeded. Complete and total failure all around. I, personally, am embarrassed and humiliated for having spent as much time as I did here. NCWest deserves to have its doors closed until an entire new team is hired. As for players, those choosing to stay deserve basically anything they can ask for. Those choosing to leave deserve every cent they ever paid refunded from day one. This game and this company are now officially dead to me. Edit: And let me be the first to thank you for dragging the mmo game type through the dirt, and sullying the name "MMO" for all games of this type.
  6. Yep. Ban wave. Turns out a huge number of people had unreleased, well, everything. And NC had, or prob still has, some dirty GMs that were the cause of it. Have you ever seen a monkey have sex with a football? no? Guess why? Because it doesn't work. That monkey can screw the football all day- you wont get more monkeys, and you won't get more footballs. This game is great. The company behind it is a train wreck.
  7. In the video, towards the end, you give verbal support to rng boxes. If you no longer support them, maybe you should take that down until after you edit that piece out, or put in some type of retraction of those statements. Until such time I'll call it like I see it, wallet warrior. Edit: who am i kidding? I'll ALWAYS call it like I see it.
  8. Lost me when you copped support for RNG boxes. Away with you, wallet warrior.
  9. Larger breasts size

    You must have done it wrong.
  10. Profile picture

    ^DAAAAAAAAM! #burn, #rekt, #scorchedearth, #nothinglefttobury. #alltheirbasenowbelongtothisguy Edit: #sentfromhisiphone
  11. Larger breasts size

    There is a slider that increases the size of the pelvis from front to back, not side to side. This is how I gave my FM the BIS butt.
  12. I made a Jinsoyun~ woa~ what do you think?

    Never realized Jinso had man-face.
  13. Tool Suggestion Blade And Soul: Daily tool

    This tool already exists. Its called communication. If you and your clan don't use clan or faction chat, somethings really wrong.
  14. Larger breasts size

    About butts: The slider for this is waist or pelvis "thickness", i think. Im not sure. Just wanted to let y'all know the tools for making a nice piece of "ace" are already in there. If you're failing at it, its not NC's fault.
  15. Fastest update

    Next update is supposed to unlock hm 15. We should start a betting pool on how many days before a bot/hack reaches it. I'll put my money on 3 days. And another pool on how long it takes NC to discipline the player. I'm placing that bet on the Tuesday after never.