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  1. In the video, towards the end, you give verbal support to rng boxes. If you no longer support them, maybe you should take that down until after you edit that piece out, or put in some type of retraction of those statements. Until such time I'll call it like I see it, wallet warrior. Edit: who am i kidding? I'll ALWAYS call it like I see it.
  2. Lost me when you copped support for RNG boxes. Away with you, wallet warrior.
  3. There is a slider that increases the size of the pelvis from front to back, not side to side. This is how I gave my FM the BIS butt.
  4. About butts: The slider for this is waist or pelvis "thickness", i think. Im not sure. Just wanted to let y'all know the tools for making a nice piece of "ace" are already in there. If you're failing at it, its not NC's fault.
  5. I dont think its so much of a "paid players deserve more" issue, but "some things should just be free" issue. Like wardrobe and inventory space. That stuff's just "milking it" for F2P players, like myself. And I'm not always F2P, but I have never, in my entire history of playing mmo's, seen so many players get their accounts hacked and have onerous charges made to their credit cards. So NC will NEVER, nor any of its affiliates, EVER see any money from me. This lack of security(and judging by the responses, lack of integrity) gives me zero faith in this company as a whole. I will s
  6. Oh crap!! If they start going the Vindictus route, I am leaving for good! All the babies crying in here about the grind, and the rng, don't know anything. Vindi makes you grind and grind for materials to make weak weapons and armors, whihc you then have to enhance by grinding for enhancement stones. But past +6, there's a chance of failure and enhancement resets to zero, past +8 failure can cause item to be destroyed. Then there's enchant scrolls which you have to grind raids for weeks, and the good ones only have a 40% max chance of success, and failure causes(you guessed it) dest
  7. Its not just a matter of the m being "big", but I will make fun of players who push all the chest sliders to max. You know, the ones that are ridiculous big and point at the sky? This is not what actual breasts do. And I encourage others to do so as well. I tell them things like "Ah, good to know which way is up." Or I run up to them and jump all around them to make sure I have their attention, then I run into their cleavage and use an e-mote and shake my mouse left and right and tell them "You've been motorboated." Which I know is ridiculous but so are their chests. Th
  8. And here I thought the solution was Control Panel -> Programs -> Uninstall.
  9. I don't have a problem with it other than they made it look worse. Way worse. Do they want people to start playing TW servers? Because this, along with the tremendous amount of support for botters and hackers(Not banning them constantly is supporting them), is how you get players to drop their accounts here and go play TW servers. Nb4: "You can't do that" Its not rocket science. There's Lotsa articles all over the net on how to. So glad I never paid for premium.
  10. 1. I am talking about pirate, not siren. 2. For belt you wanna start with siren, its the one you can upgrade. The pirate belt is a belt, but its an evolution piece...it cannot be upgraded. 3.The pirate belt and bracelet are available at the trader next to the dragon trade emissary(where u access your vault and storage) and I'll say again - google. Nobody spoon-fed the info to me. Geez. I manage to do them. Everyday.
  11. Umm, if you do the runs daily, poh and mm, there wont be a problem. I have 7 rings, 8 necklaces, and 4 earrings. So... have some brie, it goes lovely with a nice whine. Edit: The pirate bracelet you buy using pirate tokens. You can google where.
  12. One thing that needs to change is that NPC'S need to be made invulnerable. There are times when we can't even complete quests, because the NPC we need to turn it in to has been killed. And there will be a dozen of the opposing faction just sitting there in the camp. As soon as the NPC respawns they kill it again. What this all means is they're trying to control the market for soul stones and every craft that depends on soul stones. Factions should be balanced in number of members. If that cant be done, maybe we should just do away with them all together.
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