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  1. Which classes has highest dps output atm? Specially you who play 4 man and able to see dps meter.
  2. Is destro really most op class after skill update?

    I see, well i heard summoner got nerfed at arena and not op anymore is it true?
  3. Is destro really most op class after skill update?

    well i have played this game seriously for 9 months, and the thing is my internet connection is very bad, so no matter how much i try on arena i just cant make it happen due this weak connection, same goes for PVE i dont like myself having lowest dmg, so beside bad internet and game ping is time, i dont have it much but i still like this game. So i wanted something very simple that takes least amount of time to master... and class that wont ruin my PVE dps just because of constant delays. Nobody need low dps player in the party.
  4. Is destro really most op class after skill update?

    well i still want to deal as much as possible dps with less buttons :D , just many months past specially this skill update, so want to be sure i make the right choice.
  5. Is destro really most op class after skill update?

    ahahah, no i just back to game and want take most relaxing class to play, i played bd before and broke my fingers doing his rotation. So im looking for a class with easier rotation... but still strong both pve and pvp.
  6. Is destro really most op class after skill update?

    I mean which classes require less buttons to deal op dmg in pve?
  7. Yo boys and girls, What is the most easiest, OP both for PVP/PVE class currently to play after skill update? I have tried to gather info myself and it seems that destro deals highest dps with less buttons compared to other class, am i right?
  8. ok and what about armor/weapon/jewellery are those transferable now or still bound to character? Just ask to understand how hard it will be to start from 0.
  9. Interesting btw, does anybody know which is the most populated server?
  10. Hello everyone, want some of your help. I would like to know if bns has improved or got worse during all this time. My reasons for leaving were, high ping that made me sick of pvp arena, somewhat unfair/bad balance between class, lack of people due to low populated server with no option to change it, repetitive dailies, somewhat faction unbalance. 1. So my first question if class balance got better during this time o remain the same? As for example u should have higher skill with your warlock to beat summoner even with much lower skill than u. 2. Was ping improved in Europe? Wasnt me alone complaining about it.. 3. This game had pretty fair f2p which was great, so what current situation is? 4. Which class in your personal opinion is better for PVP and PVE, And which one is the worse, make a list if u can :S
  11. share your wl build comparison

    u sound like it got worse now, only rapture stage 2 removed 1 sec instead of 3, but i never used it for pve anyway. Leech casting time cut. And most important 3 casts much faster. The eal question was will DV become better than bomber stage 2 cuz of soul dart or not, and looks like its not. So i was hoping DV+soul dart will be better than just bomber stage 2.
  12. share your wl build comparison

    Well graphs just shows using helix :S cant see here how to compare
  13. share your wl build comparison

    Well even tho now is 1 sec only on repture i still can see better results using bomb2+DC. u may try it yourself using dps meter
  14. So i have tested WL's DPS PVE after update using Dimensional Valley to activate Soul Dart + both DC and Helix. Also have tried Bomber stage 2 + DC and Helix. And best results were Bomber 2 + Dragoncall. Bomber2+DC = 18k dps/sec Bomber2+Helix = 17-17.5k dps/sec DV+DC = 14k/sec DV+Helix = 13k/sec or so My WL has all HM skills available Each try was 1min or so using DPS meter. So if anyone decide to test it post results here. But yeah i guess new build u can make out of DV and Soul Dart must be only for pvp but not sure.
  15. Disconects getting worse

    well it depends on game and how it reactsto those spikes ( i guess) however nobody say bns is stable game. But i just told what was causing me to DC