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can anyone help me make character >_<


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Ok I tried making a Jin version of her..I found 2 suitable hair styles and 2 suitable hair colors but I am not sure which one would you like more so I will put pictures of the 4 combinations that I came up with here and you choose what you like best:


1- JVHDurf.jpg?1  2-eaaUgAj.jpg?1


3-i0ESDfz.jpg?1  4-Stcz157.jpg?1


And this is how the body looks like:




Well,I tried but Idk if it is good enough.

I hope you like it and if you do,let me know which look do you like most so I can send you the suitable preset.

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3 hours ago, starrien said:

A quick try- I thought the dark purple hair looked nice? And I can't tell what eye color she has haha ^ q -

7d0e87c04c.png a04fce0c24.jpg


Hmm..I didn't find dark purple..That one is bluish black,I remember it..Shame,I didn't think to try it out,thought it might not have worked.

It looks nice.

I picked same eye color..Its purple I guess.

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3 hours ago, FreshTea said:


I like number 1, look cute >_<

and thank for everybody help 


Alright..I am glad you like it.

Should I send it now?

Take a look at the other presets others put here..Make your decision and let me know if I should send you the preset I made.

Others put nice stuff here as well.

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