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  1. DPS meter could be influenced from Warcraft.
  2. I don't blame anyone, but you know you do question my reason at self-improvement.
  3. Zimb


    RIPE: How does that jailer?
  4. Zimb

    cute yun?

    How many yuns are needed to infatuate a player? Just a cute one.
  5. When comparing the class against a character, players try not to stand out. An original character build is a reason to stand up. And I'm speaking from the majorities POV.
  6. This is for a single Hongmoon Pellet. When more is wished for, well GL...
  7. "How a Day at the Arena is Dreamt About" I feel of importance so I'll wear a fighters outfit and a way will point me towards the arena. Sign? Ranger? Instructor?
  8. These seem hard to purchase. You can take my advice and look into another pecker.
  9. Have you asked in sign? Waving down a person is helpful.
  10. This would support an opinion that's off topic and another that makes the entire game sound bad. Open World PvP is the worst thing because of the people that are playing is debatable, and is contingent to this page. Any player made character could create disagreement... Rage quitting is a choice.
  11. The move looks like its been spammed. It'll help the servers if it were... Since it does look buffed.
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