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FM or SIN?

Choco Wack

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Hi I really want to use Sin, primarily for pvp and a bit of owpvp, but its a bit hard to use it when doing mining, BW, and other bosses which do a lot of Aoe skills. Now i am planning to make an FM for purpose of Pve. i also see a lot of FM's in doing bosses. My question is do I really need to make an FM for PVE, then make  a Sin for pvp? Do i need to gear up my sin and FM to pirate for PVE?

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If you get decent gear on your SIN and learn how to play you can perform very well at blackwyrm, soulstone plains etc.

FMs will always do better though. 


Also FMs are very good in PvP too. 


Both classes are good in PvE and PvP but assassin is more difficult to play in both in my opinion even those noobs will say assassin is so easy in PvP and FMs so hard - NO it's definitely not like that. 


My main is assassin (50HM7) and I own an alt FM(49HM2) and I played both on high plat/diamond last season (sin 2060-2100 and FM on 1980).

This season my SIN is on rank 70 and my FM on rank 50 and I only played like 20-30 matches on both. 


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