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  1. I really like good sins in a party, they hardly take damage. The only thing is, not all sins are good. There's a high percentage of encountering a newbie player everyday. If that's the case, people will pick a newbie FM rather than a newbie sin. Since it takes more skill to dodge and dps the boss compared to a ranged dps. In bosses where they dont jump/move, i think sins will be on top. But if you will consider all bosses including the ones that jump, move around, any skill which melees cant do damage, FM will have more damage.
  2. Dude, are you really serious? From the start me and my clanmates already expected that this race change would be still class restricted. It would take time for all those animations of all skills to be loaded to all toons. You are by far the first person I know who expected that a summoner could morph into a Gon or something like that. It is your fault. If NCsoft give you a refund, good for you. If not you deserve it.
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