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  1. Its your fault. there would be a bar on the lower right side before you even enter. It says how many bosses are killed. If you saw there's 1/2, it means they killed 1 already. Its been there all the time. All my clan mates knew that even without explaining to them. Its not that every time the game will adjust to dumb people.
  2. thanks, i think female toons looks better in cloth outfits. Al our outfits are cloth like, usually male toons look good in heavy armor or leather like outfits.
  3. Hi guys I am planning to make a new toon which is an assassin, I'm having trouble which jin looks better. male or female? I usually pick male toons but the male version does not have a lot of good outfits. They also look a bit odd. Whereas female jins almost look good on most outfits.
  4. Hi everyone, i would like to see which outfit most likely would fit to a Jin Male, or which do you use the most :) Its hard to get a nice outfit, and Im having a hard time which one to use.
  5. Do we have maintenance today?
  6. I agree with waiting for some time. First day of release of SF I want to try and pvp with them. First I was felt they are really op, i-frames, blocks, freeze, etc. Day passed by I learn now how they move, made an SF myself and learn their mechanics. Now its easier to defeat them. What I see SF dominated a bit in arena in the first week because people dont have any idea what their up against. Now as time passes by, you would notice rankings of SF's decrease instead of increasing, since your opponents also now got used to their playstyle.
  7. got 2 accounts, one did not get any gem the other one got both gems. its really RNG
  8. I agree. those are really skilled players. if you give to normally skilled players like the ones your are fighting in gold, you would see the difference of a sin and a soul fighter. I was also thinking that single SF is also the player who played another class.
  9. hi can you make a nice jin male? and the body isnt that small I mean all jin males look thin :)
  10. I really like good sins in a party, they hardly take damage. The only thing is, not all sins are good. There's a high percentage of encountering a newbie player everyday. If that's the case, people will pick a newbie FM rather than a newbie sin. Since it takes more skill to dodge and dps the boss compared to a ranged dps. In bosses where they dont jump/move, i think sins will be on top. But if you will consider all bosses including the ones that jump, move around, any skill which melees cant do damage, FM will have more damage.
  11. @Ruddle You are absolutely amazing :) I am going to make a female jin, if you have some spare presets for me please send :) Thanks!
  12. @880000_1452550468 lol you must be new here :) click on the overall ranking tab, thats your class tab, all classes have that. Once you see the all ranking, count how many SF's are there. You will be surprised. :)
  13. kind sir would you make me this jin preset? Thanks
  14. @Sherizumi LOL. are you even in gold ranking? your just silver?? seriously?? and you said a lot of stuff?? your already HM5 and upgraded your weapon to scorpio thats why lol. really funny. Next time try to give me some hard facts. can you reach even 1600 ranking so you could at least reach GOLD?? Lunar dragons really? WOW. Silver pvp guy here and thinks hes so good. Waste of time. and you from Yunwa?? lol. try to reach even GOLD first please.
  15. You are right its only 2+ weeks, might as well wait for SF to go up may be 3 months or more right? only 1 player who was on top. Ca you learn more about this class then show me how did you progress in pvp? coz all are just words. Show me how your SF will progress or if even reaches top 100. If that happens all what you say about SF is valid. Show me i will listen and learn from you.
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