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  1. Rip soul fighters, it was a good run
  2. Yes, just ignore the friend request, it bugs a bit at first but then you will forget about it
  3. LOl, summoner takes skill? ahahah.best joke of 2016, gg.
  4. Another day facing summoner hackers from silver to high plat, thank you NcSoft, you really convinced many people to stay away from your games, thank you.Can't wait for legion and Overwatch.
  5. They will make money off of everything, get used to it.And you can't even get hm coins because the market is butchered. Nice game
  6. There are hacking summoners even in silver, lol, this is a direct slap into customers' face, like seriously why even get premium in this game? it's pretty much useless
  7. So, another loss today due to bug abusing scummoners, any time soon this is going to be fixed so i can deal with this one button class?
  8. Eh, another loss to a summoner 5 mins ago due to him abusing a tab bug, what else am i supposed to call summoners after this?
  9. Don't post on the forums then, if you don't want feedback.
  10. You are just bad, you really have to be extremely bad to let your pet die and lose to sins in addition to that
  11. Just read this and lol, they indeed think they are balanced and take some skill
  12. You put a picture of ten ppl who regularly derank/rank up to prove that summoners aren't op, that's not how stats works. And LOL to summoners who say they need a buff, you are out if your mind.Your class will be forever despised, accept it and have a nice day.
  13. You really believe you are balanced? Why don't you post this on the general forums and receive fair feedback not a skewed one?I believe it is easier to say you are balanced if your only audience is summoners as well.
  14. There are more and more summoner bots now in high plat, this game is doomed. Just leave the game, guys, before you haven't committed too much
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