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  1. KR 1vs1 Top 100

    Rip soul fighters, it was a good run
  2. Coming Back

  3. Please let the hackers bot Arena

    This is the dumbest stuff i've read today.
  4. We need a kick function

    A lot of afks in dungeons who we cannot kick, additionally, even in purple dungeons more and more people join premades and then just say "brb 2 mins" and then never come back, or come back only when the group reaches the final boss, and we have to carry them. This is unacceptable and just promotes people being jerks to fellow players. Why do we have to deal with is?
  5. Yes, just ignore the friend request, it bugs a bit at first but then you will forget about it
  6. NCsoft <3

    Indeed ^ +1
  7. just to make things clear....

    LOl, summoner takes skill? joke of 2016, gg.
  8. So...Outfit Pouches.

    Red dwarf and moonlight have a considerably higher chance to appear from outfit pouches
  9. Signs of a grim future

    A lot of people play this game because of superb pvp, but arena is impossible right now, we WANT to play this game very much, and pay money for it,but we can't. We are just forced to quit BnS, because of multiple hackers on the ladder , i understand it is hard to solve the issue, but if nothing can be done, sooner or later, we will move on with our lives and we will do our best to avoid NCSoft products in the future.
  10. Hackers

    Ordinary weekend Sunday, I decided to queue some arenas for fun, I have met 4 different hacking summoners ranging from level 30 to 36, yup, I am done for today, gonna stick to for now.
  11. Bots and Hackers

    Every other match in arena is against a hacking summoner, why am I even a premium in this game? This game is now a huge chore, which doesn't bring any enjoyment. I am not going to continue with my sub, this is a direct slap into any customer's face, do NCSoft really think they can get away with this kind of attitude like Blizzard in WoW?
  12. Tribute to NCWest

    Another day facing summoner hackers from silver to high plat, thank you NcSoft, you really convinced many people to stay away from your games, thank you.Can't wait for legion and Overwatch.
  13. Disable Summoner in PvP

    Delete summoners and nobody would even care
  14. There are summoner hackers even in silver sprinkled with 1-2 destrobots. it is depressing to watch mosh and carth trying to find a way how to deal with these hackers on their streams and then just end the streams in frustration. Thank you, NCSoft,for sweeping under the rug this problem.We are considered to be mere sheep, i guess, who will pay for everything at your notice, turning the blind eye on hackers in pvp.