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Disconnect from server


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I'm also so sick of this! Just logged in right now, went to cross-server dungeon then disconnected right away! It's been like this already for a week, it began when that stupid Game Guard was back!


I'm pretty sure that those who's not experiencing Game Guard problems will blame our Internet. Well, first and for all, this only began when Game Guard was on, we're not having any problems like this before it was turned back. In Tera, I'm not experiencing any fps drops and crashes/disconnections. Heck! Nexus in there even have way more people, like 200+ and I'm not having any fps drops. While here on the other hand, just 15-20 people and your fps will drop to 10/6/4 then says you disconnected (1000).


If Game Guard remains until next patch, I'm out of this game, just like how the many did!


Edit: Just tried again after typing this, then I disconnected again at loading screen, are you kidding me?!

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