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  1. I don't have any lag in that event (running at 60+ FPS at max setting for both SSP and The Grand Harvest), the problem most ppls facing is mobs DIE way TOO FAST and a lot of folks couldn't get credit for quest, it's daily quest but might as well take a week to complete...
  2. I keep getting disconnect 1000 when I windstrike from different continent like silverfrost to moonwater or cinderland,
  3. The only thing about this stupid event is that you have to do it 3 times to complete the stupid 3 mini bosses because when you kill 1 the other will die pretty much same time so I have to make notes what to kill for next event...It's just plain stupid.
  4. You don't have to ask cause I'm already just let my premium run out before I leave this game for good. About bots they are everywhere in Silverfrost and making dailies unable to complete cause they claim everything thanks to NCsoft for first claim got credit. Also, shit load of them in Soulstone plains at lvl44 doing faction dailies for soulstone....On bright side, these bots help lower the cost of Soulstones soon!
  5. Create a new pin on your master account. Are you sure NCsoft reseted your PIN...they have no right to reset anything unless you requested.
  6. It's the forum bug, after you enter the password and it still show you NOT log in then just hit F5 or hit the forum button and eventually you will register you as logged in.
  7. With the old animation I think the server lag gonna be crash out because how bad their performance right now.
  8. O.o I've done my daily dash nearly 2 weeks ago....Anyway, you will get it tomorrow.
  9. They are joining guild because of that stupid hongmoon pellet for HM skill and it doesn't mean the player base getting larger. Yes, hardcore fanboy of BnS will stick with the game no matter how bad it's gonna be, also you can see other NCsoft FAILED games still have ppls playing even they only have 2 servers up for both NA/EU LOL they still get some profits but at minimal rate.
  10. *I kinda shock when some folks don't believe their real life relative but trusting someone over the internet cause of their "promises"... **Back to OP post: It's your own fault, move on and learn from your mistake. NCsoft won't do anything about that instead they will laugh their ass off if you're going to file a report.
  11. Thanks! I hope those folks keep spamming their 500+ AP for party then crying about their shitty dps or "I can't get credit for my quest in Square events and I have 500+ AP" should read this post and learn how to play their classes, while I have much lower AP and getting quest credit every damn time. Thanks again!
  12. hmmm, I just did those 24 mans dailies not long ago. I still got them from Poh, sabo, the tae cheft (siren stuff), cobalt twin and mysterious man...etc (pirate stuff) Unless something went wrong in the last 7 hours LOL
  13. For sure Pirate ring, earring, dark pirate weapon drop from 24 mans and still easy from from bosses (brilliant chest), I run these 24 mans dailies and got them everyday! Lucky? I don't know! Same deal for Siren stuff in 24 mans Poharan.
  14. For me I don't buy and sent gift to stranger without receive the amount of gold agreed for the trade and like I said before the buyer won't trust me enough to give me that much gold first...we both don't trust each other. If he's willing to take the risk then the other might walk away with his gold and there few reports in here ppls got scam and NCsoft won't do anything about that.
  15. Hey, at least these bots will save all you guys rant/cry about high prices on SS, TBH i love seeing them cause I don't want to buy mats with stupid sky high price right now.....Yes, I'm serious! and I'm on Soha too.
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