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  1. I agree with your raid or quit part but WOT had 3 battlefields if i remember right and one of them was 40 vs 40, just a lot of fun, or you could farm materials for flasks. Or crafting..... how good was crafting in early WOT, great... it was great. And im not saying that WOT was perfect or that it is perfect right now, i quit WOT a long time ago before i joined the Navy. And i think its a big difference when you unlock gear to be a able to clear a dungeon that you could not clear compared to get gear to complete the same dungeon but faster. You are one of the guys who buys Cod eve
  2. The last mmo i played was WOW from vanilla to lich king, now tell me more about how bad this game was back in the day. Compared to the single player experience this game has to offer it was a *cricket*ing blast let me tell you. Well.... i can see that!
  3. You talking about this single player endgame in an mmo? You could play that offline, would make no difference. There is no pvp besides arena... another single player experience.
  4. Hello, I play this game now for 2.5 months, farming ssp and dungeons every day for 40-100g each day. Running the same dungeon over and over..... im tired of it. The upgrades you get are pointless .... +5 AP here and there, so what? Now i can kill the same boss i killed 27 times before exactly 5 seconds faster?! Its still the same nonsense! What else can you do in this game? Arena..... way too boring. Wirlcrap valley where you get picked apart by 700 ap wallet warriors? For sure not. So what is the goal of an mmo? Get better gear to defeat stronger boss
  5. Hello, Does anyone use this for lvl 50 pvp? This soul shield set wasnt even good with lvl 45. Is there a lvl 50 pvp soul shield? I run with a Asura, Yeti mix right now.... What soul shield do you guys use for pvp?
  6. Hello, I have to upgrade my weapon, im lvl 49 now. To upgrade i need a Skypetal Bangle but the tooltip doesnt tell me where to get it. Im done with all the yellow quests. The second item i can use to upgrade is a Storm Siren Bangle, but when i open the chests i only get a Siren Bangle. Some help here would be appreciated. Thank you
  7. Started playing like 5 minutes ago... get disconnected from server right after log in. error code 1000. What am i doing wrong?
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