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Surviving Solo as a BD?


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So on all my other characters i manage to solo most of the regular dungeons solo, but trying to play a BD i'm immediately hitting a wall now i'm level 30 and, using mostly a wind spec as i really like omni slash. But i'm noticing a distinct problem regarding ranged adds. Now melee not a big deal grouping up enemies and using sunder to kill them in a couple slashes is easy. But what i've noticed the issue is actually specifically ranged adds during boss fights. They spawn in, and immediately rip half my life away in moments. Is the BD just not able to Solo early on? or is there some trick i'm missing? Class seems excessively squishie compared to all other classes i've played ( FM 45 and KFM 37 ) everyone kept saying the KFM was such a difficult class but comparatively? i solo so easy on that class this is only class i've picked up and felt kind of weak with not alot of ways to offset that weakness. 


So i'm just curious is some trick to surviving solo as a BD or are they reliant on a group?



3 points in rush for multi-slash/omni-slash

3 points in sunder(T2 stage 2 for attack speed)

2 points in rolling typhoon

2 points in vortex for parry

3 points in soaring falcon for energy regen

2 points in five point strike for damage resist

3 points in dual strike for damage resist and healing

1 point in wind focus


I don't really want to use lighting as i dislike relying on a 30 second cooldown... i'm sure i am not using an optimal build but it was working ok for awhile...



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Stage 1 sunder will make it easier to aoe ranged adds. In particular the 2 FM adds in bokgon hideout (samja, notoriously difficult boss) can be hit at the same time using stage 1 sunder but not stage 2.


Dual strike will heal a lot more if you hit multiple targets.


Vortex parry not actually that good in PVE, the best way to avoid damage is by kiting or CCing the enemies.

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I don't recommend soloing Samja. Can it be done? Sure, probably, but it's not worth the frustration. Samja himself has ridiculous amounts of CC and the FM adds are not only annoying, but respawn shortly after you kill them, not to mention the other adds that come from the entrance. Once you burn your escapes, if you get CC'd at the wrong time, you're pretty much boned.

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I couldn't solo it at level, there's too much potential to get stun locked and then destroyed. I don't know what kind of monstrous gear you had at that level, but it certainly did not take "a few seconds" to AoE those FM's down. Not to mention the boss on you too and dodging around you so he doesn't stay perfectly in your line of AoE.

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