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  1. Not sure what you mean by "tips". If you're playing the same as average BD but with high ping, you're just going to be worse. You need to accept it. You can try to use some kind of ping booster to improve your latency. Other than that, for dodging, get used to your ping, memorize enemy attack patterns and time your dodge accordingly. Nothing can be done for dealing damage. Your flicker is going to be much slower than someone with low ping, meaning less damage. It sucks, but it's reality. Maybe I can offer some tips that might make you better than the average button mash
  2. If you think you'll notice some boobs but you didn't notice a long white beard on someone's face, then its time you re-evaluated your life. Anyway, for all you Lyn-boob wanting weirdos, buy the new swimsuit in cash shop, problem solved. </close thread>
  3. People don't even do Zaiwei ruins despite the fact that it does have a benefit to get scales. People doing Heaven's Mandate but nobody have scales but then I go in Zaiwei Ruins to try and get some and it's a ghost town...
  4. Unfortunately, 24 man dungeons don't have great rewards. And unfortunately Grimhorn Wilds is particularly annoying so I imagine it will be dead outside of daily challenge just like the other 24 mans.
  5. I wonder if that increase to get 50 HM4 is with increase exp event or outside of event...
  6. Just a note on this, you need to turn around and SS through the boss, otherwise you'll be too far away to Q/E afterwards.
  7. - Counter keeps the boss in place and focused in one direction so DPS can just wail on his back and don't have to worry about dodging normal frontal attacks. - In pug, maybe not many, but in my guild, they do. - Parties who don't have a Sin? - I see now that Fighting Spirit is the same tree as Grapple, so you're right, most KFM won't use Grapple in PVE, my bad. Not sure what you're talking about air combo though. Seems unrelated.
  8. Simple, KFM is built for tanking, SF is not. KFM counter is 1 sec cooldown, SF is 3 sec. KFM have threat generation skills, SF does not. KFM has PT damage buff, SF has healing PT buff and revive. KFM has grapple to keep boss down longer, SF does not.
  9. We don't need another thread about this. Stop trying to make it seem like a kick system is the best and easiest solution to implement. The same reason you have assholes afking and leeching in dungeons is the same reason we can't have a kick system. Because people will abuse it.
  10. That doesn't always work though, particular if you're at level in Blackram Narrows because lvl 50s have rank 3 wind walk and can run and jump over mobs that you can't because you don't have enough wind walk time. So keeping up with them is nearly impossible sometimes. That said, as level 50s, we can do others a favor by just killing everything in the path. That is what I do. Especially in Narrows, you can one shot basically everything as a level 50, it doesn't take much longer to just kill everything.
  11. How is this problem solved when someone can just press 1 button every 5 mins to get into combat mode while everyone else clears the dungeon for them? Entering combat mode is as simple as attacking the air. You could say you must attack something, but then that likely screws over the low levels trying to get stuff done on daily challenge when 50 HM10 go through and murder everything while low levels struggle just to keep up. We should just admit that this is not a simple problem and a good solution is hard to find because western audience are assholes.
  12. "Best class" is pretty subjective. But based on the things you mentioned--high reaction, attack speed, mobility, DPS, some survivability--I think you would enjoy Blade Dancer. BD attacks fast and you need to keep moving. Unlike BM, we don't really have a good block (you can debate about Blade Guard but it's pretty shitty in my opinion) and the defense is pretty low. But BD has high mobility and a lot of iframes to avoid taking damage. They also have pretty decent support with lots of trainable CC and the ability to deal damage while grabbing enemies.
  13. Yes, you can. The quest can be purchased from the General Merchant in grand harvest square. Make sure you talk to the NPC outside the dungeon entrance (he shows in F8 cross server too).
  14. I'm not sure what you're talking about. At least as far as NA/EU release, Guardian Tempest has always been 5 seconds...
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