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  1. As a fellow Casual you need to stop thinking you can have it all now... basically, i hate the insane costs to... part of that problem is that other crafts are nigh pointless since game drops food and health pots like candy... so earning a steady income is kind of difficult... but i digress... main point here is this. Dont feel pressured into farming gold non-stop all day what i've been doing since pvp is so unbalanced on my server is just doing my dailys buying what i can, logging off and enjoying other things or playing on my alt. Take it one upgrade at a time... one thing alot o
  2. big hint seems to be linked to " fans have been asking for " which is why i said gunners... but if its not in game or seen? literally rules out alot of classes people have been asking for... spears gunner archer sword and board all of these appear in game already... and its not a hybrid? so question is whats been asked for thats not in the game yet... i dont know i think might be some miscommunication in the translation or something. Either way its exciting to think about =3
  3. I assumed he meant not seen used by the players... but if its not been seen in game this rules out Archery Spear gunner/gunslinger So question becomes what would it be? nunchucku? Kurisigama? Kama's? Dual Swords?( assassin uses daggers) or The Cudgel/Staff? Are still lots of martial arts schools aren't accounted for... however i took that comment more to imply that it wouldn't have anything to do with ANY weapon that players currently have. So no swords, knuckles, ect... but it was kind of vague...
  4. only suggesting the gunner because its already an established class in game, Soha, the gunner school in silverfrost mountains... and the files that were data mined...and the hint. All seems to point in that direction. PERSONALLY i'd like to see a Spear Wielding class added... but i suspect we'll get a gunslinger evidence just points there.
  5. Gunner at long last? seems logical are already gunners in game, a school for it, and Soha is a hongmoon student unless the translation is off... that would fit the bill in all acounts. Also been data mines that said was data for the gunner class for ages... so are they gonna finally finish it? who knows... but what i really want? Spear Class....
  6. Except it already exist in game a whole martial arts school dedicated to it... if you did the 45-50 story its right in there so YES i do think we need a gunslinger class similar to Soha.
  7. I'd just like more costumes that show a little skin on guys, not enough that do or the ones that do i wanna dye so bad... also what heck is with poofy pants on the lyn xD just sometimes i'd like normal pants on them... very few outfits don't have poofy pants... just ugg!
  8. This game has alot of same issues i had with Neverwinter... least not quite that bad, but i'll keep playing until i am not having fun, i'd at least like to see level 50 stuff and the warlock. But i've said my peace in other posts, on what i dislike, my best advice is to come back in 6 months and see whats changed.
  9. I'm going to compare this to Tera since they were both older games released here in the west and... hate to say it but, Tera was way more polished, had far less bugs, and a MUCH better f2p model after it did go f2p... problems just keep mounting up... over all is it fun? sure... if you can deal with all the BS you have to put up with. Main issues i am having are... dailys being broken, bosses resetting during battle while still in there specified area/arena, not enough cash per mission... and items being stupidly over priced, along with the *cricket* poor crafting system... lets b
  10. in each area there is a vender that takes your stones such as cinderland stones, and these can be exchanged for a special soul shield that is pretty decent leveling wise, and will hold you over for a time. Also the wheels that each have own soul shield which gives a nice boost as well. That is your answer, right there
  11. So let me get this straight.... i buy 15-20 dollar outfits i break them down for cloth i get a pouch then is a % chance that i just threw away say 50 dollars for nothing? this is a broken ass system i will happily not buy into....
  12. Oh one more thing i will add even if TONS will disagree with me me *takes deep breath* 7: for the love of god, remove stupid limited inventory space, are PLENTY of items on the shop i would HAPPILY buy but 60+ dollars PER character for INVENTORY slots is ridiculous! i for one refuse REFUSE to pay that much money for each character to open up my inventory slots... this is the DUMBEST thing i see in f2p games and it pisses me right the *cricket* off more then any other feature! stop gimping our inventory space to try and force us to buy shit then, make said shit cost as much as a ful
  13. You want a list of things i would like to see changed? oh boy...here we go... 1: A traditional roll system added into dungeon loot system, everyone rolls highest roll wins the item its simple, short and sweet and pretty basic. 2: Slight change to way costumes work as of now and its a pretty easy system, Have a three tiered system for costumes, $5 is a temporary costume lasts say 30 days, $10 gives you the same costume for a single character( account bound ) and 15-20 dollars gives you the costume that binds to account and can be traded among your characters. 3: Wardro
  14. like i said before... it just needs to be an unlockable for like 20 dollars or something, its a nice feature that many of us would pay for... i mean unless they dont want my money what ever....
  15. I'm just going to start by saying, this is a basic and VERY shadey tactic used by mmo companies to squeeze pennies out of players. First, you limit there inventory space, then you make as many little items as you can that they need, pick axes, unsealing charms, keys, oh better make 2 kinds of keys and charms, vases for jars, potions, food, transfomation stones, every little conceivable item to fill up that inventory space as MUCH as possible so they have NO space and then... you design a system that requires REAL cash to unlock more space. so if you need 8 pouches and are 11 spac
  16. just need to add it to the store as an unlockable for a price 20 bucks or something along those lines, i'd pay 20 to unlock it.
  17. So my friend and i are fighting him basic stuff has 2 adds and the boss himself. Run in, kill the adds start burning the boss, staying INSIDE the room and kiting ect. He drops aggro runs back to center of the room, heals to full and resummons his 2 adds. I'm pretty sure thats not a boss mechanic, whole thing looks like a broken reset, if you keep fight to the glowing circle it works as intended but moment you leave that circle and try kiting around the room he breaks and resets its a pretty glaring issue for any of the ranged classes have to kite when they take aggro.
  18. i'm well aware of this face which is why i limit myself to 15 a month on f2p games... if they think they are going to get more then that out of me they are kidding themselves... i'm just sick of quality of life things costing me actual cash, when old sub games use to have these things BUILT into the game for free. I can't understand why they think its ok to charge us for inventory space... or why players are ok with paying for it. This isn't something we should have to pay for... why dont we just pull a SWTOR and charge us for our action bars and shit to... i mean its the same concept! its wo
  19. It's an issue that ALOT of f2p games have, they have cosmetics but they price them so high that it's often cheaper to just get a subscription... i agree the prices on cosmetics are to high, but i'm not to annoyed by that. I'm MORE annoyed that it costs 60+ dollars just to unlock my INVENTORY spaces. One thing i will never do IS PAY YOU REAL CASH FOR BASIC UI AND QUALITY OF LIFE ITEMS! i am so sick of mmo's doing this bull of limited inventory space and refusal to allow us to unlock it in game with out jumping through hoops. I'm OK with buying cosmetics, and boosters BUT i will not
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